Nancy Pelosi confirmed the Asian trip

Nancy Pelosi confirmed the Asian trip

The speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi confirmed the Asian trip this week, but there are questions about whether she will stop in Taiwan.

In a press release on Sunday, Pelosi said that a delegation would travel to the Indo-Pacific “to reaffirm the strong and unwavering commitment of the United States with our allies and friends in the region.”

Pelosi left Hawaii on Sunday with the delegation and there will be stops in Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, and Japan. Pelosi said they would hold “high-level meetings” in those countries to discuss the progress of “mutual interests and values”, including peace and security. The press release did not mention Taiwan.

Pelosi was to visit Taiwan in April, but the trip was postponed after contracting Covid-19. Recent reports suggesting that Pelosi intended to visit in August made Beijing angered and aroused threats of military countermeasures. Some analysts have said it was one of the most dangerous moments in relations in decades.

Reaction Of China as Nancy Pelosi confirmed the Asian Trip

China considers Taiwan to be a separatist province for reunification and firmly opposes all acts that seem to support Taiwan as an independent sovereign state. In a telephone call that lasts more than two hours, the president of China, Xi Jinping, warned Joe Biden about what he considers the “territorial integrity” of China. “Those who play with fire will perish for him,” Xi said.

The US has no official relationship with Taiwan but maintains friendly relations and is legally obliged to provide weapons to defend themselves.

The Taiwan government will not comment on the Pelosi visit because it balances its desire to maintain the security of the status quo while also fostering its relationship with the US.

The Taiwan population has lived under Chinese threats for decades, and while new events such as the Ukraine War have increased concerns and encouraged increased military and civilian preparation, there are a few signs of great concerns specifically about the Pelosi visit.

Among the analysts and Taiwanese officials, there are some beliefs that Pelosi must visit now to avoid appearing cowed by a strong Beijing language.

Nancy Pelosi confirmed the Asian trip. On Saturday, China carried out direct shot exercises that were previously not announced in the Taiwan Strait, at narrowed points between China and the main island of Taiwan.