Myths for skin care that needs no attention!

Undoubtedly, internet today is full of surprises. You may get surprise with those multiple advices sometimes regarding your business and sometimes with those advanced skin care tips. When in search for a proven skin care routine, you might lust for every of that product that turns out to be the ultimate solution for your skin problems. Fixing out your skin is your responsibility but believing on these myths for skin care is no wise.

Myths for skin care you should stop trusting

Clogged pores- open and close

Actually no! Obviously these are no doors to entering your skin. They remain in their same size. It’s your skin that gets dirty and needs proper cleaning. Simply use an effective face wash or a clay soap instead and give your skin a fresh and younger appearance.

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Squeezing a pimple mean hurting your skin

Although pimples are irritating, this does not mean you are free to squeeze any if it appears to pop out. It is something that we love to do, like whenever we see our pimple getting super juicy, we suck it by squeezing it. Using a sterilized needle is much better as it gently sucks after facial.

“Clean skin is a healthy skin”

Facial wipes are an alternate

There is nothing better than washing up your face to remove your makeup or using coconut oil. Wipes that are readily available within the market are basically for those rare situations and not for regular use. This is due to the fact that they are enriched with chemical that is then coated on the skin, resulting in clogged pores. A gentle foam cleanser works wonder.

Pimple are due to junk food

Hearing out how junk food we love since childhood have been affecting our skins. This has been a myth that our elders have spread and is actually not true at all. The real fact is that the foods are high in refined sugar and carbohydrate receive responses from the redness within the body.

The greater investment you make in skincare product, the higher chances of results.

As the competition rises in the market, the launched of new and new products regularly have also confused the audience targeted. Among the myths for skin care, this has been totally a waste as it is not never necessary that if there is an expensive product, it will give the desired results.

Face exercises works

Facial muscles are never tightened up with facial exercises. This is something not like the lunges that works for the booty. Instead it works in the opposite direction, i.e. facial muscles encourage the signs of aging to appear.

Anti-aging products prevents the signs of aging skin

Anti-aging products in the market fights the signs of aging and prevents them from appearing at the early age. Is this something you still think is true? No actually! Although it serves to be the great source of hydration, the products does not promote the production of collagen that then results in the formation of fine lines.

“There comes a time when you need to initiate using the anti-aging products”

Your future will be who your mom is today

Genetics do play vital role and the myth behind could be true too. But there are number of variables that affects the skin too. For instance, there was nothing such as sunscreen in the past. Your skincare rules may differ from the skin care rules set by others for themselves.

In conclusion to…

A beautiful and glowing skin is always a dream. But it really does not mean that fulfilling it would make you believe in the myths for skin care. I found naturally beauty coming up with a natural lifestyle. Eat good food, follow up the perfect and proven skincare routine and feel the difference. What myth have you been hearing? Share with me in the comment section as below!

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