monkeypox to be sexually-transmitted

Monkeypox virus update- WHO finds monkeypox to be sexually-transmitted

WHO looks into reports of the monkeypox virus in the semen of the patients, raising the possibility of it being transmitted through intercourse. According to the WHO official on Wednesday, the WHO finds monkeypox to be sexually-transmitted.

There are a majority of cases coming forward for the monkeypox virus, mainly from Europe. These are mainly among the sexual partners who are in closer contact. WHO reveals that the virus is being spread through closer interpersonal contact.

Here is all you need to know about monkeypox virus

As per a recent survey, scientists detected viral DNA in the semen of the patients having monkeypox virus, especially in Italy and Germany. This has also been revealed through the lab-tested sample as per which the virus is found in the semen and they hold the capability to infect others.

“It was unknown whether the recent reports meant the monkeypox virus could be sexually transmitted. She added that they are unaware of the disease before”- Catherine Smallwood.

According to the monkeypox incident manager at WHO/Europe, they need to focus on the frequent mode of transmission and they see it to be linked with skin-to-skin contact. Until now, over 1300 cases have been reported in more than 30 countries since early May. The majority have been found in men who had been in a sexual relationship with other men.

The growing cases have triggered an immense concern since the virus is rarely seen outside of Africa and the majority of European cases are non-related to travel to the continent.

WHO has recommended the targeted vaccination of close contacts even for the healthcare workers. Additionally, the agency warns that they are already seeing a stockpile of vaccines.

Hans Kluge, WHO’s regional director for Europe said, the “me first” approach once again will cause damaging conclusions. He also craved for all governments to tackle monkey pox without repeating the pandemic’s mistakes.