Mind-blowing facts about skincare

Mind-blowing facts about skincare you really need to know

If you are a skincare junkie, you should know these mind-blowing facts about skincare.

Your appearance helps reflect the overall health you may be carrying. Throughout the years we have been hearing how proper diet and water helps with keeping one young.

In the era today when everyone loves wearing makeup, there is hardly anyone seen to understand the entire mystery of the skin. Do you know how important is the PH of skin?

Individuals over the year have been advising people to drink as much water as possible, opt for a healthy lifestyle, i.e. healthy food, and regular exercise. These are said to be equally important as dermatologist recommend other chemicals that are to be used on a regular basis.

Want to know some exceptional and mind- blowing facts about skincare? Below are some of the interesting ones.

Choose products inclusive botanicals

Botanicals are known for the medical properties they carry. These plants do have their natural scents as well as flavor. The best about its properties is the addition of beta-carotene that helps improve the quality of skin.

When looking for the botanical, it is mandatory for everyone to understand that products containing botanicals do have a color. When you read botanical in the ingredient list and it is white in color, this is a clear signal to avoid.

**It is the use of chemical that makes the product white.

Clean hands should be allowed to touch the face

Do you know that it is unhealthy to touch too much on your face? Your hands may be carrying the bacteria that you may not be able to see. So when doing your makeup, make sure that your makeup brush is dirty only rather than your hands.

If you are fond of doing regular makeup using hand, it is better to wash your hands before getting your makeover done. Prevent your skin from getting any bacteria as this is the first cause of skin breakouts.


There are some facts that the person changes with the age. This sad reality includes losing bone mass especially on the face. According to medical researches, face shrinks as the age grows. Obviously you will be willing to get rid of it. The best is to use some natural skincare products that can help in slowing down the aging. It is also wise to look for products that comprises calcium so one is able to delay osteoporosis. The presence of calcium also helps manage the hanging skin on the face.

Don’t miss your facial sessions

It’s not restricted to women only. Even men should go for facial sessions. The facial massage is a great thing as it soothes face muscles and offers extensive relaxation. If you are one of those skincare junkies, you’d have understanding that toned muscles appears better than the flabby ones. So get the facial done every month or two.

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Moisturize your skin

Do you know that moisturizing the skin is as important as food for your health? One of the best tips coming from the dermatologist is that whenever you apply a moisturizer, it needs to be on a damp skin. This helps in keeping the surface of the skin moisturizer perfectly right. Thus, allowing the products to show its results in the form of healthy and glowing skin.

Add cucumber to your skincare routine

Cucumber is a real life secret and when it’s about clearing the skin, it plays an essential role. My grandmother was always behind us to use cucumber to deal with puffy eyes. And trust me, I found no other better natural treatment for puffy eyes and under eye bags. The soothing effect it offer makes it further a natural skin glow product.

Open pores are best pores

If you have closed pores, the chances of absorbing skincare product is also reduced. So if you are willing to get maximum benefits, make sure to open pores when applying nighttime cream. Confused about how will you open pores? Take steam or dip the clean towel in hot water and clean your face. Now take some rest and then see the results.

Final verdict

Health is not something to be ignored and one of the most important is opting for a good skincare. One can always use natural skincare products for the overall glow and softness.

The only suggestion I can offer is to be gentle to your skin and invest in quality products.