Meet this Japanese man who gets paid to Do-Nothing

Meet this Japanese man who gets paid to Do-Nothing

Meet this Japanese man who gets paid to Do-Nothing

While it is a utopian fantasy for most of us to earn money by doing nothing.

A man in Japan claims that he’s managed it in this report meets the rental guy who makes more than 70 US dollars an hour.

Ever felt the need to have a companion alongside you to do nothing in particular, but have trouble finding one?  Well, in Japan, the 38-year-old man Shoji Morimoto, who goes by the moniker rental do-nothing man might be the answer. As his nickname goes, Morimoto provides a very unusual rental service to his clients in Tokyo, hiring himself out in order to in his own words, do nothing.

Shoji Morimoto says,” I am the rental do-nothing man. I provide a service where I can be rented to do nothing. This do-nothing man is me and I rent myself out. I go to places where I’m asked to and I do nothing there”.

Morimoto’s differentiating factor lies in his effort-free approach while not playing any specific role.

Morimoto says,” What I mean by doing nothing is I eat and drink. I answer their simple questions with simple answers”.

Since starting this business on a Twitter page in 2018, to offer his service. Morimoto has claimed he has been hired over 4000 times to do nothing more than mostly dine with clients, attend events, and sometimes provide a listening ear.

Morimoto now boasts nearly a quarter of a million followers on Twitter, and approximately a quarter of his clients are repeat customers including a woman who has hired him over 270 times. Despite what sounds like a niche service, Morimoto is in high demand and can sometimes schedule up to three assignments a day.

One such client is data analyst Aruna Chiddha, who found out about Morimoto when his business was trending on social media. The 27-year-old former Mumbai resident had bought a Saree and was keen to wear it in public, but was hesitant to invite her friends because they might be embarrassed, so she decided to hire Morimoto instead to join her for an afternoon tea.

According to Aruna Chiddha, “When I’m with my friends, I feel like I have to entertain them. But with Mr. Rental I feel like I don’t have to say much and I can just keep quiet”.

Morimoto’s rising popularity has brought with it some requests that he has turned down, along with a blanket refusal of any requests of a sexual nature. Morimoto has previously rejected a prospective client who wanted to take him to Trinidad and Tobago, as well as one that asked him to help move a refrigerator.

Morimoto got into the business after quitting his job at a publishing firm.

Morimoto said,” I then started wondering, what would happen if I try to make use of this do-nothing side of me turn it into a selling point and provide that service to people? That was how I started as a rental do-nothing man”.

Morimoto believes his work change the societal attitude that one needs to always be doing something productive in order to feel valued.

Meet this Japanese man who gets paid to Do-Nothing