Mario Badescu facial spray

This special skincare product is your summers’ need

As soon as the summers hit, our concerns relating our skins grow as well. Sweating on the face and the sun rays damage the skin so badly that it loses it’s freshness and somehow it’s moisture. To deal with it, Mario badescu facial spray is playing it’s role. Having it used, below is what I found;

What is Mario Badescu Facial Spray?

Having the status of being a pioneer in facial spraying products, many people believe that facial sprays are ordinary skin care products. But that isn’t the case. Mario badescu Facial spray is a special skin care product with a complete package of vitamins and anti-oxidants to serve as the best moisturizer. It delivers the benefits of all its magic ingredients to benefit your skin effectively. To keep your skin hydrated all day and moisturized through the night, you do not need to look for many products.  Mario Badescu facial spray is the best moisturizing and hydrating product with natural ingredients that suits every skin type.

Why Aloe, Herbs And Rosewater Spray?

This rosewater based Mario Badescu Facial spray can serve multiple purposes in your skin care routine. Its uses range from makeup settling product to the one that adds radiance and glow to your dull skin. It also serves as a perfect moisturizer when used at bed time. Spraying your face with rose water serves best as makeup settling product. It is suitable for all skin types. It has dewy effect and boosts the skin to moisturize and glow. Additionally the strong rose smell makes it a must to have for rose lovers. It is also known for making skin stress free due to the presence of herbs in it that help your skin rejuvenated. It is infused with highly beneficial herbs, which helps to tone and reenergize the skin. This is also very effective to combat dullness from your skin. It adds dewy texture and makes skin look vibrant and fresh.

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Some benefits of this product are as below;

What it has for you?

The many benefits that you can get for your skin from Mario Badescu facial spray include

  • The spray is affordable unlike many expensive moisturizers.
  • The spray hydrates your skin without making it look greasy.
  • It gives your skin a significant and visible radiance.
  • It helps your makeup stay long and without cracking.
  • Its herbal and natural ingredients moisturize your skin and relieve it of any irritation after application.
  • The sweet fragrance and cooling effect keep your skin rejuvenated during the day and relaxing at night time.
  • The spray is neither too heavy nor too misty
  • To get misty and hydrated look, you can also spray it on your hair.

How to Use

The usage of this spray includes either as a hydrating agent or moisturizer itself or before and after using a moisturizer for extra hydration. You can spritz it after makeup on your face to give it a dewy look and onto your hair and neck as well.


Mario Badescu provides you with the best facial spray product that has long lasting effects to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. This facial spray is a cult hit globally, winning many customers worldwide.

Get your spray bottle to help keep your skin hydrated, supple, and immaculate always.