lose 3 pounds a week

Lose 3 pounds a week with these magic strategies

There comes a time in life when many of us get fed up with their belly fat and they want them to look for the fastest way to lose weight. It is when they try to follow different diet plans and different methods. Where intermittent fasting for weight loss is considered a healthy way, choosing to go with a faster way to fat loss can be dangerous because our body is not capable of it. It can affect your metabolism and can slow it. Losing weight requires good care and comprehensive health care. The use of weight-loss medicines can harm your body and according to the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), these medicines can become a cause of diarrhea, sleeplessness, kidney problems, and liver damage. In the search for some greats tips and tricks to lose 3 pounds a week? Below are some..

Magic Strategies to lose 3 pounds a week

Say no to Junk food

You can not lose your ultimate goal to lose 3 pounds a week by eating junk food as they are not enriched with vitamins and minerals. Although a large number of carbs, fat, and sugar are in it, it cannot help you to burn belly fat. In fact, it increases your belly fat. So the first magic trick to lose belly fat fast is to avoid junk food.

Consume fewer calories

To lose body fat fast weight, you need to reduce the calories you consume daily. By using fewer calories, you can easily lose weight. For this, you can turn your big meal into smaller meals, convert the use of mustard to the use of mayonnaise, and skip the extra cheese, etc. Studies show that eating slowly can also help you in reducing the number of calories.

Drinking water to lose weight fast

The role of water is very important in the whole weight loss process. It flushes waste from the body and improves your metabolism. Drinking plenty of water keeps the body hydrated which helps in weight loss. Drinking water before a meal can help you to eat less and if you do work out a lot and sweat more, drink more water.

Reduce carbs in the diet

By eating fewer carbs in a meal, you can lose weight. Carbs become a source of storing fat in our body. But remember you should only reduce carbs in a meal to a limit because eating no carbs in a meal can arise different problems in your body. So you should avoid from low carb diet for a longer period. To reduce carbs in the body, you need to reduce the consumption of potatoes, sweet yogurt, starchy vegetables, rice, and pasta in your meal. 

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Eat lean protein products

If you are losing weight in a short period then you must eat lean protein products. It will protect your body from weakness and make your body strong and active. In order to consume lean protein, you can eat fish, white meat, beans, lean beef, and egg whites, etc.

Reduce sugar and eat more fruits and vegetables

To burn belly fat, you must consume low sugar products. Sugar is one of the major causes of weight gain. Moreover, you should eat more vegetables and fruits. Because they are enriched with fiber and helps you to stay healthy. You can add vegetables to your meal. In fruits, you can eat apples, kiwi, banana, melons, berries, etc.


Losing weight is not as difficult as we think. The problem is only that we are unaware of our body requirements. Above, we have given you key tips which will surely help you to lose 3 pounds a week. Maintain consistency with the tricks and do let us know the result in the comment section as below!