Fine Jewelry

Letting Your Personality Show Through Fine Jewelry

People see fine jewelry in many different ways. Most commonly, though, they consider it a symbol of wealth and status for the person who wears it. After all, jewelry made only of precious metals and precious stones could be bought and worn by wealthy people, at least in antiquity. Ex… ( buy memorial heart necklace at Spoo-Design ) There is even evidence that gold jewelry in ancient Egypt was worn by the pharaoh and important hermetic members only because gold represented power and wealth.

This is still true to an extent, but as advances in technology have allowed the mass production of fine jewelry, even ordinary people can own a piece or two. Really cool and valuable things will remain accessible only to the wealthy, but at least anyone can buy jewelry whenever they want.

Therefore, it is no longer correct to say that jewelry is exclusively a symbol of wealth and power. It is now believed to be a way to make a fashion statement as well as a way to express one’s personal style.

Show your style with fine jewelry

Some people think that you need to build a large jewelry collection to show off your personal style with jewelry. this is not true; A few good pieces are enough. A brooch of gold jewelry goes well with a beautiful jacket, a pair of earrings with silver jewelry that can be worn at any time of the day, maybe a ring – this is enough to make the outfit elegant with jewelry. Of course, if you want to have your own kit and can afford it, you are free to do so.

When it comes to wearing jewelry, what you have to remember is to only wear what you feel comfortable wearing. You don’t have to force yourself to wear something you don’t like in the name of fashion. If you can only afford to wear necklaces, then you should only wear necklaces. If you love unusual pieces of jewelry then you should go for it. Only use what you will be happy with.

Some things to think about when wearing fine jewelry

You can wear your jewelry however you like, but there are a few things you may want to think about to create the best effect on your jewelry. An important thing to consider is matching your clothes with the jewelry you wear with your jewelry. Fine jewelry should always be worn with clean and decent clothes. If you wear your jewelry with your shabby clothes or in poor clothes, it will make a stark contrast between your jewelry and your clothes.

When choosing jewelry, you should also consider the shape and shape of your face. Your jewelry should always be attractive to your person. For example, an angled face benefits greatly from the softness that a pair of round earrings brings to you. On the other hand, the round face will be balanced by the drooping of the earrings.

You should also match your jewelry to your skin. Beautiful silver jewelry shines best on fair skin with pink undertones. The warmth of gold jewelry is best reflected on olive leather with yellow undertones.

Fine jewelry is no longer just a status symbol; It is now a tool that you can use to express your individual style. Just be sure to choose the right pieces that will appeal to you the most so that your jewelry will work for you.