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5 Laser Hair Removal Devices you can trust

If you have tried all conventional methods of hair removal including epilating, waxing, shaving, threading, and depilatory creams and you are fed up of redoing it every now and then; its time you should look for permanent hair removal methods effective for long term. Facial and body hair growth is a recurring thing and Laser hair removal has been in use for many years mainly for female facial hair removal. Nowadays, Laser techniques, electrolysis hair removal, and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) techniques are the widely used methods for permanent hair removal, which used to be performed only by dermatologists in yesteryears. But the launch of hair removal devices from many companies has made it possible for you to remove hair with laser and IPL at home; you can even perform a sophisticated procedure of electrolysis hair removal at home.

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We reviewed 5 of such devices for you to choose from, here they are;

Mismon Laser

This budget friendly device uses IPL technology for hair removal which is an impressive feature. IPL slows down hair growth and its use over a short period of time ensures permanent hair removal. Moreover, this device has provision of dual lamp cartridges; SR is used for dry and wrinkled skin, while HR is used for permanent hair removal. The device offers 300,000 lamp flashlights which suffice for use up to 5 years.


  • Hair removal is painless with this device.
  • Hair growth is drastically reduced within 7 sessions.
  • LCD shows number of flashes, laser energy level, lamp head (SR head or HR head)


  • Not suitable for lip and head area.

Braun IPL

This device is specifically suitable for medium skin tones. As the name suggests, IPL technology is its main feature and it is also safe and efficient to use. It has 400,000 flashes and 10 intensity levels. It employed SensoAdapt technology, which enables adjustment of the flash intensity across varying skin tones and different parts of body. Due to its advanced safety feature, it is specifically designed for treatment of delicate parts of body.


  • Suitable both for sensitive and delicate areas like face, bikini and other body parts like legs and arms.
  • Comes with precision head to adjust accordingly for sensitive body parts.
  • 3 modes to use. Normal, gentle and extra gentle


  • It’s not suitable for removing red, light blonde, grey and white hair.
  • Not suitable for very dark skin.

Philips Lumea

Philips lumea device has proven to show excellent results for fair skin types. It also stands out from all other devices due to the curved attachments provided with it for use on very delicate body parts. Besides hair removal it also helps in skin rejuvenation.


  • Provides both cordless and corded operating mode.
  • Has 4 attachments to work on body curves.
  • 92% of hair reduction in 3 treatments.
  • Free app is available for after sale support and guidance.
  • Development was completed with dermatologists to maintain device’s safe usage.


  • Cannot be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • A number of flashes not provided in the product description.

Remington iLight Ultra

This is a highly competitive device that is user friendly and with its higher wavelength compared to previous versions, its performance is impressive in permanent hair removing process. Moreover, its better coverage of spot treatment area made it excellent choice for hair removal from armpits.


  • Comes with better spot treatment.
  • Has small cap for facial hair removal.
  • Built of quartz bulb making it more robust.
  • It has provision to replace its cartridge.


  • No skin sensor to adjust flashes for varying skin tones of your body.
  • Not portable.
  • Operation is painful for some people.

Silk’n Infinity

This hair removal system provides professional standard results within the comfort of your home. It has come up with latest EHPL technology. Moreover, it has shown irritation free results on all skin tones which is a feature that makes it unique.


  • No refill cartridges required.
  • Safe for all skin tones including black and dark tones.
  • Its intensity at level 1 is safe for tanned skin.
  • Provides accurate treatment with pulsing and gliding methods.


  • Takes a little more time to show results.
  • Requires vigilant usage for upper lip.

What To Consider Prior To Using A Home Laser Device

After you get your laser device based on your budget and skin and hair color, you should consider following few things before using it

  • Laser and IPL devices work best for light and medium skin with dark hair as pulsed light must distinguish between your skin and hair.
  • Hair removal process may take few sessions to acquire desired results depending on your hair growth and certainly on the device you use.
  • It will hurt and it will hurt more on sensitive areas but after few zaps you will feel less.
  • As hair follicle is the main target during laser and electrolysis procedures, it is advisable not to wax at least one month prior using these devices as hair follicle stays even if you shave but waxing gets rid of the root of hair.
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At-home body and facial hair removal products are becoming increasingly popular for being cost-effective and easy to use. You can use techniques like IPL and electrolysis at home, unlike past when there was no way other than seeing a dermatologist for permanent hair removal. These are long-lasting solutions to achieve permanent facial hair removal, hair reduction on your legs, underarms, arms, and any other area of your body. These devices enable you to treat your skin for hair growth in the privacy and comfort of your home, using professional technology and tools in a cost-effective manner.

Stick to safety rules; enjoy your hair free, smooth skin always!

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