Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson separated after nine months

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson separated after nine months

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson separated after nine months and their blistering romance has ended.

The Times has confirmed that the reality TV star and the former actor of “Saturday Night Live” called it quits this week.

E-online first time reported on Friday that the couple broke up but decided to stay friends. Source tells E-online that the couple found their busy schedule “making it very difficult to maintain relationships.”

Kardashian and Davidson met in 2019 and began to go out together in November 2021, shortly after the “Kardashians” star made her debut as host of “Saturday Night Live”. During her concert “SNL” in October, Kardashian appeared with Davidson in a sketch inspired by “Aladdin” where the two shared a kiss.

After a number of public appearances throughout 2021, Kardashian and Davidson made official things in March 2022. Since then, they appeared at a number of events, such as the first screening of “Kardashians” and the White House Correspondent Dinner in April, and Met Gala in May, where Kardashian (for many controversies) wears one of the famous Marilyn Monroe’s dresses.

Public appearances and paparazzi photos were apparently not enough to memorialize the relationship. In July, Kardashian revealed on Instagram that Davidson had immortalized their time on “SNL” with a tattoo that reads “Jasmine and Aladdin”. The actor “King of Staten Island” also recently tattooed “My Girl is a lawyer”, on his chest as a nod to his legal ambitions Kardashian.

Taking off their relationship was not without drama, especially the ex-husband of Kardashian, Kanye West, who shares four children with the founder of the Skims. In March, the rapper started a disturbing video clip from “Eazy”, in which West has kidnapped, buried, and beheaded a figurine with a resemblance to Davidson. West, who gave the actor the nickname “Skete”, harassed him so much that Davidson increased his security details in the middle of the drama.

In a June episode of “The Kardashians”, the new reality series of her family, Kardashian spoke of his relationship with Davidson, who recently appeared in a trailer for the second season of The Hulu Show.

“Pete and I have been going out together for a few months. We are doing really well, ”she said. “Pete said,” I’m going to grow up on you. Hold on. I give him four months and you will be obsessed. And I said to myself, “Ok. We’ll see.'”

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson separated after nine months