Kharkiv got striked once again from Russian attacks

Kharkiv once again got striked.

Kharkiv got offensive attacks once again after the peace of 2 weeks. In this period of two weeks, the life of Kharkiv was coming to normality when the Russian army was ousted from the various villages and towns.

Oleh Synehubov-Regional Governor of Kharkiv has told 17 people got injured and 9 people killed in the northern part of Kharkiv due to attacks.

He also said that this action is just to create panic and frighten the population with no other sense or logic.

At the start of this war, Russia bombarded extremely the largest Russian-speaking city that is near the borders of Ukraine and Russia. The reason for such attacks was to get control but Ukraine’s army resisted and threw back the Russian troops. Due to the Russian missile attacks, a regional administration building was also destroyed that was built in a grand Stalin structure.

Ukraine’s army is trying to do every effort. As a result, the Ukrainian army has got control of various towns and villages as well. During the past six weeks, Ukrainian forces have also pushed back the Russian troops.

According to Synehubov, the last two weeks were quite peaceful but they are again saying hello and want to create panic only.

The thunders of the arrived and departed missiles listened throughout the Thursday. Due to this resonance, various buildings got shaken and car alarms were also set off in Kharkiv city.

Ahead of a block of flats on Otakara Yarosha Street, a crater was left due to a deep shell. Due to which windows of the whole building broken. At that moment police was unsure about the number of people who died there.

Oleksandr Filchakov, Chief prosecutor of the Kharkiv region said these are just the counterattacks from Russian Army. They are doing these to get back the lost control of some areas that were rescued by Ukrainian forces a month ago.