Kari Lake wins GOP Primary for Arizona Governor

Kari Lake wins GOP Primary for Arizona Governor

Kari Lake wins GOP Primary for Arizona Governor

Kari Lake, a former news presenter who moved away from his journalism career and was embraced by Donald Trump and his firm supporters, won the republican primaries for the governor of Arizona on Thursday.

Lake’s victory was a blow for the GOP establishment which aligned behind the lawyer and businesswoman Karrin Taylor Robson in order to push their party in front of the chaotic Trump era. Lake said that she would not have certified President Joe Biden’s victory in 2020 and put false allegations of electoral fraud at the center of her campaign.

“The Arizonans who were forgotten by the establishment have just delivered a political earthquake,” said Lake in a statement after the race call.

The Republican Party is now entering the general election sprint with a series of nominations that are closely allied with Trump who denies that Biden is a legitimate president. The lake will face the Secretary of Democratic State Katie Hobbs in the November election.

“The race for the governor is not about Democrats or Republicans. This is a choice between sanity and chaos, “Hobbs said Thursday night in a statement about Lake’s victory.

If they win in November, Trump’s ally will sway over the administration of the election in the State of the battlefield which is important because he considers another offer to the White House in 2024. The result also shows that Trump remains a strong figure in the GOP as a supporter of the old party. They are braver in their efforts to reaffirm their control ahead of the next presidential campaign.

Robson, who is married to one of the richest men in Arizona, has largely self-funded her campaign. She described the “unjust” 2020 elections but stopped sheltered from the fraud and prompted the GOP to look to the future.

The lake now faces the frightening task to unite the Republican Party after the primary bruising. On Wednesday, when Lake declared Victory prematurely, she tried to reach Robson and the others which she criticized fiercely as RINOs, or republican only in names, which were not in harmony with Trump on the main issues.

The Republicans, advancing towards November as a game divided in Arizona, need to make an appeal to independent voters who decide nearby races, said Chuck Coughlin, a republican strategist of a lifetime that left the game during Trump’s era.

Kari Lake wins GOP Primary for Arizona Governor.