Joe Biden’s invisible handshake

Joe Biden and his ghost friend; Was Joe Biden’s invisible handshake real?

After the speech in Greensboro, US president Joe Biden’s invisible handshake surprised everyone around. It’s getting viral now.

It seems that US president Joe Biden is not going well these days. In the past, he has found himself doing some questionable things and was getting viral all over the internet. Is this for real. The current incident by the president of US has fueled the previous ones to the fire. 

He was seen to do an invisible handshake right after offering the speech at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro. Once done, he seem to take every step with a questionable mind.

His speech was all about the economy, inflation, manufacturing and clean energy jobs at the event. But Netizens appear too confuse about it Joe Biden’s invisible handshake. 1/3rd of the people noticing it felt embarrassed and sympathetic about Biden’s behavior.