Japan calls for a peaceful solution to Taiwan Issues

Japan calls for a peaceful solution to Taiwan Issues 

On Wednesday Japan calls for a peaceful solution to Taiwan issues, and expressed concern over Chinese military activities around the island that was controlled by itself.

Hirokazu Matsuno, the Japanese government’s top spokesperson said “Peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait are important not only for Japan’s security but also for the world”.

“We hope that Taiwan problems will be resolved peacefully through dialogue,” Matsuno told a press conference.

Japan’s statement came after the Chinese military launched a massive training near Taiwan, which was considered by Beijing as “the province that separated.”

The Beijing movement occurred in response to a trip by House Speaker of the United States, Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, the first visit of a speaker of the American house to the island nation in 25 years.

The Chinese army has also announced exercises, including live shooting exercises, in six places around Taiwan from Thursday to Sunday.

Matsuno said Tokyo transmitted its “concern” to China on the planned military exercises near Taiwan.

“The affected area overlaps with the exclusive economic zone of Japan,” he added.

He also said that Tokyo was “unable to comment” if Japan supports Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan with which it has maintained close economic ties.

Pelosi is on a tour of four countries in Asia including Japan. His journey to Taiwan was not mentioned on the official agenda released by her office before she flew to Singapore earlier this week.

Pelosi reached Malaysia before flying to Taipei, and a visit to South Korea is also scheduled.

To bring peace in the world, Japan calls for a peaceful solution to Taiwan Issues.