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Is TruSkin Vitamin C-Plus Super serum magical for your skin?

Truskin Vitamin C-Plus Super Serum- Your skin’s best friend!

The struggle we do today will reward us when going into age, but our skin won’t do that. It always demand pampering in the form of a perfect skincare routine. As it ages, all of us starts figuring out the wrinkles, eye bags, puffiness, and various other signs of aging. To reverse all such aging issues for the skin, there are a majority women today turning towards Skin serums.

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This article shares complete review about the magical TruSkin Vitamin C-Plus Super Serum. But some answers to the questions are a must before;

What is a skin serum?

Skin serums differ from moisturizers. Unlike lotions or creams, these are light-weight, easily absorbable, and are either oil-based or water-based. Having them packaged in a small bottle with a dropper, it’s few drops easily and evenly spreads all over the skin. According to Dr. Abigail Waldman, skin serums are highly-concentrated formula, sinks into the skin, brightens it, and addresses all kinds of skin troubles.

So if your skincare routine still includes a cleanser, moisturizer, scrubber, and a mask, you really need to revise it. Add a serum to your routine as it will figure out and eliminate your concerns about the appearing signs of aging.

Are all the skin serums the same?

Just like the moisturizer coming from different manufacturers carries different formulas and features, the same is with skin serums. All the serums in the market differ as per the added active ingredients in them and so the price.

How to make the right choice for the skin serum?

Serums are not directly applied after the face wash. Instead, after moisturizer. When going for the purchase of serum, it is essential to find out what would suit you. Where some of the serums in the market deal with one-active ingredient, the others may target multiple skin problems with the advanced formula.

Vitamin C serums work wonder as it reverses the damage caused by the sun, encourages and promotes the growth of new skin collagens.

Some of the worthy serums available in the market aim to target wrinkles by having tea polyphenols and resveratrol. The serums that aim to reduce inflammation are mainly equipped with retinol. So making a choice for the purchase of serum also depends on the skin type you carry.

Brighten up the dark patchesSerum that adds glycolic acid and kojic acid
Eliminate dryness and tighten the skinSerum that adds glycolic acid, vitamin E, and niacinamide
Lock moisture in the skinSerum that adds ceramides
Skin growthSerum that adds hyaluronic acid
How to use skin serum?

If its’ the first time that you are using the serum, please make sure that you test a small area. Also test it with a combining acid as the two together may irritate the skin. For instance, one may not go together with a serum and retinol cream together.

TruSkin Vitamin C-Plus Super Serum Review

TruSkin is a reputable name in the industry for offering multiple skin-friendly ingredients. Concerning TruSkin vitamin c-plus super serum, it is equipped with all-natural ingredients with no artificial scents. Having it blended with vitamin C, this age-defense formula serves to reverse multiple skin problems. It is for all skin types including, normal to dry, oily, combination, and sensitive. And aims to prolong a healthy, glowing, and youthful complexion. The best about this product is that it does not include any synthetic color, fragrance, or hidden ingredients.

All Ingredients 
Vitamin CForms a protective layer on the skin, becomes a barrier to neutralize free radicals.
RetinolSupports collagen, brightens the skin tone, elasticity, and texture.
NiacinamideImproves skin tone, clears the skin texture
Hyaluronic AcidHydrates and fights the signs of aging skin, especially fine lines and wrinkles.

Other ingredients include; Nourishing plant extracts, Aloe Vera, Rose hip oil, MSM, HA, and Essential oil.

What makes it different?

Unlike other skin serums in the market, TruSkin Vitamin C-plus super serum is cruelty-free, meaning that it is never tested or used in any way to harm life of an animal or plant. Being free from corn, soy, parabens, GMOs, sulfate, and artificial fragrances, it is proudly manufactured as per the skincare need.

How to use?

Vitamin c-plus super serum is a concentrated and advanced formula for the skin. Prior to using, please go for a text patch on the small area of the skin. If this suits you, apply 3-5 drops after moisturizing your face twice or thrice a week.


Tightens and brightens the skin

This age-defying formula by TruSkin works wonderfully to brighten up the skin, improves the firmness and helps gain elasticity.

Helps deal with scars

The serum has been considered as a miracle worker. It serves to deal with the scars no matter how old they are.

Makes the skin feel alive

Being suitable for skin types, it helps get rid of marks and pigmentation. Thereby, making the skin feel fresh and alive everyday.


Normally it gets very hard to bear the cost of the cosmetic products. This is the best about this serum, i.e. quality skincare serum at an affordable price.  


Out of 100, it may not suit 5 people due to irritated skin.

Does your skincare routine lack a serum? Don’t miss it at the cost of your beauty. Young and glowing skin is an investment in your appearance so get the one right now.

Is it different from TruSkin Vitamin C serum?

TruSkin vitamin C serum is the regular version of the serum. It is a topical age defense formula, produced with vitamin E, C, organic aloe, and hyaluronic acid. It claims to offer flawless skin but of course, is the simple version. This plant-powered skincare also works wonderfully when it comes to moisturizing the skin. Click “Truskin vitamin C serum” for a complete review.

If you are currently using the simple version, it is high-time that you need to stumble upon the brighter version for improved and guaranteed result.

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