risk to stomach and intestine during the 4th wave

Explore if there is a risk to stomach and intestine during the 4th wave?

Is there a risk to stomach and intestine during the 4th wave?

More than 2 years, the increasing variants of coronavirus have been affecting lives. A majority has lost their life and even today the trend continues.

Triggered by Omicron BA.2, experts worldwide are fearful about it being different from every previous wave. Thus, making it clear to have likely affects on both the stomach and intestine. What makes it a more disturbing virus is it being difficult to detect even in the RT-PCR test.

Also known as stealth Omicron, the cases of this 4th variant are evidenced in Europe and Asia. What makes it a majorly cause of concern is it affecting the stomach rather than lungs. Some of the common symptoms include, stomachache, nausea, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

Check out below what experts are saying about it;

  • Direct attack to abdomen

This variant of CoVid 19 has nothing to do with breathing issue and cough. Instead, it hurts the stomach. This may be due to the change of pattern coming in the virus.

  • Mild symptoms

According to medical experts, the symptoms are getting mild with every growing variant. The harm it can cause is cough bad cold for now.

Symptoms of BA.2

Since it is harder to detect, one needs to be careful. It mainly affects guts rather than the nose, thereby, making one alert about troubles that are to be caused by the digestive system. Similarly, the accuracy of the test is unbelievable as this has nothing to do with mouth and nose.

So be alert when having abdominal pain or heatburn, diarrhea, bloating, nausea, etc. this could be CoVid 19 4th variant BA.2.

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Since the cases are rising all across Europe, it is better for the healthcare professionals to keep a follow up. This can help in detecting the virus and save people from it.

Muscle fatigue is one another common symptom of the fourth wave. This has also been common in the third wave when people suffered fever and cough as well.