Sunscreen for Oily Skin

Is it good to get Sunscreen for Oily Skin?

This article shares about what sunscreen to use if you have oily skin.

Many people feel that they’re at they tends to increase oil when they apply sunscreen and hence they do not use sunscreens regularly.

If you suffer from oily skin, it is best to use a gel formulation of sunscreen that is less thick and you will be able to tolerate it better. Also, know that the ingredients in the sunscreen takes some time to absorb, so when you apply your first coat it will look a little shiny but give it some time. Let the skin absorb the sunscreen then it will leave behind a good matte finish.

There are also a lot of sunscreens which come with matte finish which can be used. So if you have oily skin, apply the sunscreen. Leave it on for about five to ten minutes and it will completely be absorbed and will not leave your skin very shiny.

If after applying the best sunscreen for face you still feel that your skin looks shiny, you can apply some compact powder to set it. If you use makeup on a regular basis, make sure that you apply a coat of sunscreen before you go on with your primer and foundation.

Sometimes the sunscreens which leave behind a white coat needs little bit of gentle massage into the skin so you’ll have to gently rub it into the skin for it to be completely absorbed.

Do sunscreen aggravate acne?

No, sunscreen does not aggravate your acne and even patients who suffer from Pimples must apply sunscreen regularly. This is because whenever you get acne and you go out in the sun, your skin becomes more sensitive towards the effect of sunlight so the chances of the acne leaving behind dark spots are higher.

So in order to reduce the chances of dark spot appearance, also you need to use sunscreen on a regular basis.

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