Indian aid of Essential Supplies to Sri Lanka

Indian aid of Essential Supplies to Sri Lanka

Was it the first aid Sri Lanka is about to receive? Indian aid of Essential Supplies to Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka has started receiving Indian aid in the form of rice and dry milk under the Indian line of credit to the needy people told to the food commissioner on Sunday.

The food commissioner said that Sri Lankan government will aid rice bags containing 10 kg to the poor people who will be selected at the Divisional Secretariat level.

Food Commissioner Krishna Murthy told this aid from India including medicine and food stock of worth approx. Rs.2 billion is received through the efforts of Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister M.K Stalin.

The Food Commissioner also told due to the shortage of fuel, we are facing difficulties in the distribution of aid.

Sri Lankan’s economy is in real crisis and near to bankruptcy as well. All of the essentials including food, fuel, medicines, matchsticks, toilet papers, and many more are not available. Those who want to get these essentials have to wait a lot in long queues.  

Krishnamurthy told that the first phase of 9000 metric tonnes of rice has reached that will be donated, remaining 31000 metric tonnes of rice will be received in the second phase.

A consignment reached the Colombo port carrying 9000 metric tonnes of rice, 50 metric tonnes of powder milk, and approx 25 metric tonnes of medicines.