Imran khan served as game changer, 1 ball and 3 wickets

Did you all enjoy the surprise? Pervez khattak just tweeted this afternoon.

As trending since Wednesday, Imran Khan was soon to lose his PM seat as the opposition holds 172 votes out of 342 seats. But Imran khan served as game changer by calling for early elections. This happened today on Sunday ahead of a no-confidence vote.

Imran khan served as game changer

This was a quiet unexpected act from the government of Pakistan, but it seems he played well. The members of the opposition party continues to accuse him for corruption and economic mismanagement. It seems he proved what he said “I will fight until the last ball”- Imran Khan.

IK also accused the US conspiracy with the opposition that forced him to leave the seat. The former prime minister Imran khan shared a document in which he received a warning which said that if he hold on the seat, the ties will suffer and he will have to face number of difficulties.

Imran khan served as game changer
opposition seems to be in pain

IK also shared that he won’t let the conspiracy against him and Pakistan succeed. On the other hand, opposition parties consider the claims about the conspiracy were baseless.

According to Hina Rabbani, this was a normal conversation.

New Elections to be held in Pakistan within 90 days

According to the minister of state, Farrukh Habib informed that the new elections will take place in Pakistan right after 90 days. Former prime minister now Imran Khan briefly addressed to the nation that he had advised President Arif Alvi to dissolve parliament and call for election.

And the announcement came to Qasim Suri, deputy speaker in minutes who was assigned to held the session today in the assembly on behalf of speaker Asad Qaiser. He also shared it was in violation of Article 5 of the constitution.

Imran Khan has urged the Public to stand for the next elections that are soon to be held as it is up to them now!

Opposition reactions in their tweet

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Imran khan served as game changer
Imran khan served as game changer
Imran khan served as game changer
Imran khan served as game changer