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Imran khan news; Imran khan ready to apologize

Post to Imran khan making a decision to apologize the female judge in the contempt of court case, Islamabad High court decided not to indict him today at 22nd septemper 2022.

Note that the past declaration in the hearing made was not satisfying for the court as a result of which charges has been laid today.

With the beginning of the hearing today, former Prime minister and chairman Tehreek-e-insaaf Pakistan, Imran khan made and announcement that he is ready to apologize the lady judge. This decision was appreciated by the government and directed him to submit a written affidavit. And this needs to be submitted before the next hearing to take place as it will be examined. The court then adjourned the hearing until 3rd October 2022, deciding not to file charges on the immediate basis.

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