Deep Muscle Massage

Importance of Deep Muscle Massage

Massage therapy’s especially deep muscle massage therapy has been known for years all over the world due to the common benefits it offers. From lowering down the physical and psychological stress, it also helps in dealing with arthritis and further lowering down the backpain.

A large number of researches by Dr. Axe show that having massage therapies not only reduces pain and discomfort. But also gives the ability to the body to heal, thereby lengthening and releasing the muscle.

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Prior to moving towards the benefits of deep muscle massage and deep tissue massage, lets’ dig what actually deep tissue massage is?

Definition of Deep Muscle Massage

Deep muscle massage or deep tissue massage is a popular 40 to 60 minutes of duration massage therapy. It involves the manipulation of the deep layers of the muscle tissue within the body. Such therapy also includes fascia and many other tissues that play a vital role in the production of joints. The core purpose of this therapy is to reach hands towards the layer that helps in relaxing the holding patterns as well as releasing and lengthening them.

This massage therapy is further focused on a particular group of muscles, especially those that are susceptible to injuries and straining and tend to take stress. Where the neck and lower back of the body suffers, shoulders muscles, hip muscle, even get hurt.

Sports massages are even common due to them involving the physical treatment that serves to heal via treating pain. Thereby, letting the muscles recover and prevent them from causing injuries.

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Benefits of Deep Muscle Massage

Helps in Managing the High BP

Having the massage therapy especially using Jeanie rub offers the healthy benefits to the body. Majority researches conducted shows that this therapy have proved fruitful for the patients as it leaves positive effect on the mean arterial blood pressure reading especially among the adults.

Relaxes the mind by releasing anxiety

Stress, anxiety, and muscle tension is a common thing and no one loves to live with. For people dealing with poor health normally chooses to go for this massage therapy as it helps stimulate the flow of blood within the body. Hence, letting the muscle tension to relieve.

Furthermore, having massage with jeanie rub helps in bringing improvement via enhancing the parasympathetic nervous system activity.

Makes up the mood

In every human body, there is a stress hormone that grows when the body and mind is not in peace. Having massage therapy helps in increasing the oxytocin, giving out happier feelings. Obviously, after the relaxation one will glow and feel the refreshment.

Eases labor pain and delivery process

Massage therapy tends to be effective even during the pregnancy time period as per the latest researches conducted. Women in this era have been looking forward to getting alternate solutions to manage labor pain. Where the majority have the bradley method in mind, massage therapies have been witnessed to be a great alternate. The anxiety-lowering effects within the therapy further reduce the depression of labor and the body pains throughout the period.

Helps in treating the muscular pain

Making use of a quality massager involves force that ultimately releases the stiffness and pain, infuses the flow of blood, and loses them. A strong massage even for the duration of 10 minutes works wonder. Think of pain relief through the pressing of feet.

Helps promote sleep

Are you facing difficulty sleeping? Sometimes you may suffer sleeping disorder. It may be due to things in your mind. As you go for the massage therapy, you’ll feel the decline in the stress level. Thereby, letting the mind go into peace and make one go to sleep.

Helps release toxins via detoxification

Muscles do tie knot and when they do, it is a need to break them. Muscle knots are pressed hard that releases the toxins into the blood. When the knot breaks, the blood flow rushes. Thereby creating the space and eliminating the toxins completely out of the body.

** During the pregnancy phase, it is better to seek advice from your gynecologist rather than going for the therapy immediately.

You need a massage when you;

  • Have body pain, stress, stiffness, or fatigue.
  • Have no skin problem.
  • Are injured and have damaged muscle or tissue
  • Are overweight

A strong massage is more relaxing only if the body have this strength to bear the pressure.

Post Massage Activity

  • Take a shower with lukewarm water. Do add salt to relax ll your body parts.
  • Drink Plenty of water as it will help you in enhancing the process of detoxification. Thereby, letting the body stay hydrated.
  • Take time to relax a bit more. To let the effects of massage stay for long, make sure you keep your room lights dim and soft music on.
  • To help with immunity, make sure you eat some healthy food right after the massage.

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Deep muscle massage or deep tissue massage is a great way to help lose weight fast. While making one stay healthy, this massage therapy breaks down the fats and releases the toxins from the body.