Huge Sturgeon caught near Lillooet B.C.

Huge Sturgeon caught near Lillooet B.C.

According to the company that organized the fishing trip, a huge 700-pound sturgeon was caught near Lillooet, B.C., on Father’s day. They think that it is the largest ever sturgeon landed on that portion of the Fraser River.  

It is estimated by River Monster Adventures that the 700-pound sturgeon fish was approximately 110 years old. It measured 10’1” nearly 3.1 meters long and had a width of 57” nearly 1.4 meters.

Mark Boise and Steve Ecklund- the Alberta hunters both joined guides Nick McCabe and Tyler Speed for the trip. They together caught some sturgeons earlier on in the weekend, but they found the largest giant-sized sturgeon on Sunday roughly after an upstream fight of two hours and two kilometers.   

A spokesperson for River Monster Adventures told, that giant sturgeon jumped out of the water many times and that when they estimated how large this dino is actually.

The company that caught the largest sturgeon believes that this fish may be the largest ever caught in the middle portion of the Fraser River, and this is also the largest one for the company as well caught in that area.

Apart from the old age, Sturgeon has not been marked, showing that this might be captured for the first time, according to River Monster Adventures.

Steve and Mark never caught the Fraser, so it was a fish of a life, “said the spokesperson.

After taking photos, the crew released the fish in the Fraser.

White sturgeon is the largest freshwater fish in Canada, according to Fisheries and Oceans Canada. And, this fish is relatively unchanged for millions of years.  

In critical conditions of decreases in some parts of the B.C., the fish that feed the bottom is one of the wild satires covered under the species in the Risk Act. Species living in the Nechako River, the upper Columbia River, the Upper Fraser River, and the Kootenay River are all protected by federal laws.

The Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society says that White Sturgeon can live much more than 150 years and can reach six meters long.