tighten belly after C-section

How to tighten belly after C-section?

The journey from pregnancy till birth is exciting, lovely, and full of sweet and bitter experiences. The nine-month journey is complete with fun stories of unexpected nausea and late-night weird carvings. When you hold your baby for the first time, all your hardships and efforts seem to be paid. The little hands of your angel make mother forget about the pain she went through. A women’s body changes a lot during this period, and few things leave marks for a lifetime. One of those things is a belly pouch and significantly ways to tighten belly after C-section is complicated. The belly skin stretches gradually for almost 40 weeks, and it’s hard that you get it back to normal in a few days. Mainly after C-section you are also left with a scar and getting better takes time which prolongs the time of getting back to normal.

Why are you still having a baby bump?

Many women get worried about why they still have the baby bump even after delivery. There can be many reasons for this like:

Retaining fluid from delivery:

When you have delivered through C-section, you might have given IV fluids during surgery, and that might take time to filter out from your body. Some women experience swelling on their ankles and face due to these IV fluids and with time body comes back to normal.

Muscles are stretched:

Belly muscles are stretched, and they have been stretching for almost 40 weeks, so it is not easy for them to get back on the place soon. The issue of loose belly skin is much severe if you had your babies before with C-section and did not pay any notice to tighten it at the right time. New moms often suffer from muscle pain, back pain after C-section, and it takes time to get everything back to normal.

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What if you start trying to lose after C-section? 

Many women panic and want a quick solution for the loose skin, and for this, they try to get started with exercises and diet. Diet and exercise are good for health, but right after you had a baby through-section, it can be dangerous. Belly skin along with many other things like uterus stretched with time, and it requires time to get back to normal a forced effort might cause issues like:

  • Joint and muscles injury
  • Heaving postpartum bleeding
  • Splitting or your surgical wounds
  • Body muscles are not ready to get indulged in exercises, and that will leave serious consequences.
  • So it is essential to consult a doctor before going for any efforts to tighten belly after C-section.

When and how to start trying for tightening tummy skin?

Do not worry new moms your belly will eventually start getting back to normal soon. In the first few weeks, your stomach itself will do significant shrinking. The excessive fluid that went through your body will begin working within a couple of weeks. The uterus will begin to shrink eventually, and that leads to thinning belly gradually. Here you can start light exercises after C-section, which is approved by your doctor.  It does not matter you have a standard delivery or a C-section it will take 7 to 8 weeks for the uterus to shrink back to its pre-pregnancy size.

So whether its diet or exercise the right timeline starts after eight weeks but still consult with your doctor before initiating anything new yourself.

Plan before start:

It is time to start the belly tightening process, and it might not be easy, but it is not hard too – a little concentration and regular exercise can perform the miracles. It is better to start by making some plan and a schedule of your workout and diet. Set some goals on how much you want to lose in the first month and then make a start. Make sure that

Do not over-exercise or follow some extreme diet.

Your body is still coming back to its previous position, and your hard work can accelerate the process. In this process, you have to make sure that you do not neglect any essential nutrients. For instance, calcium and iron are crucial at this stage, and while following some diet do not ignore the need.

  • Not only the healthy diet but breastfeeding also helps to burn calories fast.
  • Overall, develop a realistic weight loss plan that may help you reach your goals. You are adjusting life according to your newborn, and there is plenty of time to weight loss.
  • When you are ready to give it a short here are tighten belly after c-section tips that will help you have flat belly back like before.

Believe it or not, breastfeeding is not only a joy for being a mother, but it also helps you recover physically better and flatten the tummy. 

Breastfeeding burns 500 calories extra and releases oxytocin hormone that increases the uterine contractions and helps the uterus return to its usual place faster. According to American research associations, the studies suggest that women secrete around 450 to 700 calories during breastfeeding. The number of burnt calories is precisely the same as you may burn after running for 45 minutes.

Use a postpartum belt:

Postpartum belts are excellent support for the loose tummy to help it keep in place. After C-section doctor suggests getting up, sitting, and moving around, recovery time is different for every new mom. Few women might do not feel any pressure, and few get uncomfortable on the incision site. When you are going through this phase, doctors recommend using postpartum belts. They help to keep tummy tight with sifting and firm grip. Moreover, it might help in easing the uncomfortable feeling from the incision.

There is a lot of discussion going on whether it helps relieve uneasiness or not – but there is no doubt that these belts are an excellent help for back support and relief from pain. It will provide extra support that helps to recover fast.

Get proper sleep:

Being a mom is not easy; right after you start your parent life, it is hard to get a night of proper sleep. A baby time table always fluctuates; sometimes, they will sleep all day and keep awake for a whole night. It s hard to get eight hours of sleep regularly, but your time management skills will help. Schedule your time; take a nap with your child whenever they sleep. Proper sleep helps to recover mentally and physically. Lack of sleeping also cause weight gain, and that will make it hard to lose weight.


Diet and exercise are two essential factors to lose belly. Watch out whatever you are eating. Mom goes through major hormones changing phase, and you might be carving for many unhealthy foods or get hungry repeatedly due to breastfeeding. Make a list of everything you are eating and observe how extra you are taking. It will help to make changes better.

Drink, drink and drink water:

Hydration is compulsory, particularly when you are breastfeeding your baby. Take enough fruits and vegetables that contain high water level – for instance, cucumber, watermelon, oranges etc. These will help in losing weight and keep active all day.

Water will also fill up your belly, and you will less mildly go for some oily and harmful snacks. Moreover, studies have suggested that there is a deep relation between hydration and weight loss. Sometimes we are not attracted to drink water then try milk and fresh fruit juices. Milk is an excellent hydrating agent. It will provide you with essential minerals; calcium and your baby will drink healthy milk too. Focus on watery veggies – they are also a delicious replacement for water. Try colorful salad full with cabbage, cucumber, lettuce, celery or watermelon.

Cut, cleanse and eat healthy:

Take a look at what are you eating and start by cleansing your food list by cutting out junk food and harmful habits. Add foods rich with fiber and nutrients and drink water to get a better digestive system. Here are a few things you might need to cut off from your diet:

  • Cutoff artificial sweetness and sugar-sweetened beverages like soda, energy drinks, coffee and loaded sugar tea.
  • Go for whole-grain pasta and slices of bread.
  • Do not skip meals
  • Limit caffeine to 2-3 cups maximum per day.
  • Add fruits and veggies.


Add light exercises in your lifestyle – for instance:


Doing planks is good as your belly muscles are weak after C-section and heavy exercise might harm more than advantages plank will help. Start with two planks and not more than 30 seconds and increase gradually. Leave if you feel any extra pain or discomfort.

Do Pelvic Tilts:

It is an easy exercise that will help in comforting pains and reduce belly fat.

Let’s wrap it:

Indeed, you cannot do some major exercise after C-section, but that does not allow you to be lazy. Go for a light walk daily and try to be more active when you are not working out. Embarrass your new life with zest and enjoy your best by following a few changes.

How did you manage to tighten belly after c-section? Feel free to share your experience with us in the comment section as below!