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naturally get rid of water retention

The retention of water in the body is known as edema in medical terms. And it is completely harmful for the human body. This may increase water weight and that is a concern for many especially during the summers. The retention of water in the body even when you drink a significant amount is an alarming situation. Thinking about what to do when you are in such a phase? Below are some worthwhile strategies to naturally get rid of water retention in the body that works;

How to naturally get rid of water retention with these three tried strategies?

Drink more, worry less

Some of us suffer only because we act less and worry more. This has never worked so sit back, make up your mind, and relax. If you feel like having more water retained in your body, start drinking more so that your body can achieve a healthy balance. If you are dehydrated all the time, no matter the season when you do not crave for water, there are greater chances of the body retaining more water.

This is why it is essential to intake an optimal amount of water, keeping in mind the benefits of water for both liver and kidney. Additionally, it is also great if you are on your weight loss journey or want your brain to function faster.

How to find; In order to monitor, keep check on your urine color. If your body is completely hydrated, you will either have a clear or fairly yellow color urine.

On the other hand, stress is never a solution as it increases the hormone cortisol, making the body feel uncomfortable and retain water. There is this antidiuretic hormone that serves to control the water balance in the body. This hormone send signals to the kidneys so that these pump the water in the body. So if you intend to maintain the balance, keep control over your stress level.

Limit the intake of salt and carbohydrate

According to experts, one of the best ways to get rid of water retention is to limit the intake of salt. We usually eat a lot of salt in our food as this is what our taste buds love. Not only salt, other sodium equivalents should also be limited. Some of the common foods include; bread, frozen meals, savory snacks, bread, etc.

**keep in mind that your body keeps a sodium-to-water ratio balance.

As an alternative, one can always go for nuts and vegetables as these limits sodium. So choose to have green leafy vegetables, avacados, banana. etc.

On the other hand when you intake a lot of carbs, that also makes the body store a lot of water. Eating carbs means to make the store into glycogen molecule and every gram of energy stored carries 3g of water. So when you cut down some carbs from your body, it helps make body use the stored energy, thereby, helping to naturally get rid of water retention.

**Choose to have common carbs replaced with high-protein foods including meat, egg, etc.

Regular exercise

Even if you consider it as a part of your regular routine, this is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. By this I mean maintaining the stress level that may increase the hormone disturbance that may cause water retention.

**If not exercise, brisk walking can also show it’s wonder. Find out why you should walk 1000 step in a day?

The other essential reason to exercise regularly is making the body sweat. When the body sweats, there is a fluid loss, and amount depends on what you wear while exercising and the amount of heat present in the atmosphere. Exercise help with shifting a lot of water into the muscles, reducing water retention.

I believe in doing yoga as well as it frees up the mind, making one relax and not retaining water. Do check benefits of yoga.

What is the right time to consult your doctor?

When you believe that it is no longer in your hands to deal with it, go to the doctor. To find out if water retention in you is serious, you may feel discomfort. According to the specialist, this is a serious condition when you feel the tight appearance of the skin and when the skin keeps a dimple when pressed.

If you have water retention alongside the shortness of breath and coughing, this may lead to heart failure or getting water in the lungs. It is a situation when it is mandatory to rush towards the doctor.