get rid of puffiness on the face

How to get rid of puffiness on the face?

A puffy face appears unhealthy. Do you agree with me? You should actually. Because it does. You will always be disappointed when you’ll realize you do not get the right picture you always need to have. In general, I am always going to recommend you to eat the right food, exercise regularly, and limit the intake of salt.

How do you feel getting up, watching yourself in front of the mirror and oooohhhh “that puffiness. A swollen face is stressing so lets dig more and more and find the root causes.

Root causes of puffiness on the face

  • Stress
  • Allergy
  • Water retention

Please note that this is a medical condition and is never permanent. But there are some natural remedies to get rid of puffiness on the face.

Natural ways to get rid of puffiness on face

  • Stay hydrated

Being adequately hydrated means one is to drink a lot of water. There has been a common myth that drinking a lot of water can lead to bloating on the face. The real fact is that when you do not drink water or you are dehydrated, this may result in puffiness on the face. Limited intake of water can lead to enlarging the blood vessels which ultimately results in water retention, and therefore puffiness.

  • Limit salt

Swelling on the face is also due to the intake of salt in an excessive amount. The more salt your body consumes, the greater is the retention of water in the body. Remember, I told you to reduce intake of salt to work well with water retention. You should also avoid carbonated drinks and ensure that sodium content in various packaged products is high.

For a 50 years and below; 2300 mg or less is enough

For over 50 years; 1500 mg is perfect

  • Enhance intake of fiber

Do you fear bloating on your face? If that is the case, proper diet is worth intaking. To start with, intake papaya as it assist in keeping the stomach and intestine healthy that leans the face. Consume vitamin C, beta-carotene, and other antioxidant which helps in preventing water retention. Intake of fiber in a significant amount helps with renewing the skin.

  • Massage

Massaging is even a great option if you intend to help get rid of facial puffiness. Simply lubricate your face with a face moisturizer or a facial massager oil. Massage gently with light fingers, pushing down the excessive fluid in your face.

  • Exercise

Do you know one of the benefits of exercise is a secret to beautiful and glowing skin? When you workout, it helps in the circulation of blood, opening the pores. Having it combined with a balanced diet can help shed weight off. Jawline exercise can also help get rid of double chin. If the puffiness stays for long, it is always better to consult your medical advisor!