How to find out if you have dull skin?

Dull skin lacks lustrous, fresh, and rosy glow. For youthful and healthy skin, it is very important to understand the condition of your skin. Dull complexion may not be confused with a dark skin tone.

What are the causes of dullness/dull skin?

There are definite reasons behind lackluster and dull skin. Your skin speaks of your internal body conditions as well. The following could be reasons behind tired skin conditions:


Water is an important constituent of our body. Loss of moisture can make your skin look tired and dull. Especially in winters, the outside air becomes dry and harsh to our skin. It can absorb moisture from your skin, rendering it unattractive.

Improper skincare

Skin is the largest organ of the human body. It needs a proper cleansing, exfoliation, and the right kind of moisturizer.

***Think of trying out proven skincare routine!

You are stressed

Mental instability such as stress, depression, and anxiety can steal the healthy and glowy appearance of your skin.


As our skin becomes older its regeneration process slows down. The replacement of older skin cells with new ones becomes difficult. Aging slowdowns skin metabolism. This buildup of older skin cells castes a scaly and unpleasant look.

Unhealthy lifestyle

It’s foolish to expect healthy skin with an unhealthy lifestyle. A supple and healthy skin demands proper sleep of eight hours and intake of fresh fruits and excess of water.

Cures for dullness in skin

Everyone dreams of radiant, supple, and moisturized skin. Retention of skin glow is possible. There are a few easy steps that you can adopt for healthy skin. Such as:

Best dull skin products at amazon

Amazon deals with the world’s best skincare products. It covers all types of skincare products including cleansers, moisturizers, toner, makeup remover, serums, and many more. The best dull skin products at amazon for dull skin include CeraVe hydrating moisturizing cream, Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micellar water, The Ordinary skincare serums, CeraVe foaming facial cleanser, Neutrogena makeup removing wipes, Humane acne wash, and the list goes on.

Home remedies for dull skin

Healthy and glowing skin is achievable even at home. All you need is a healthy lifestyle that includes good sleep, a balanced diet, exercising, and stress management. Hydrate your body as much as you can. Some home remedies such as turmeric face mask, application of oatmeal mask for exfoliation, removal of suntans from hands & feet with sandalwood powder. Still, proper knowledge is required before moving towards such home remedies.


A good amount of care is required for skin glow and radiance. It’s important to know what your skin lacks. Never sleep without removing makeup from your skin. Try to manage your mental and work stress. A proper skincare regime and hydration can beat skin dullness in an ideal way. Keep track of your sleep and eating habits. Always put sunscreen on your exposed skin before stepping out in scorching heat. Choose proper cleanser and moisturizer from trusted brands. Make sure your skin is comfortable with the products that you are using.

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