conceive naturally

How to conceive naturally?

There is a lot of infertility on the rise today. As women relate and trying to conceive now we’re delaying our childbearing to do our careers or late marriages and our lifestyle issues like the stress that we’re all going through nowadays the diet that we take, the urban lifestyles and probably the Western lifestyles that we’ve adopted are somewhere to blame. This article shares few tips as to how it can help you conceive naturally;

How to conceive naturally?

You should understand the science behind conception because if we get that right, we understand what’s important time to try, what are the percentages of successively looking at every cycle?

A lot of patients come into us now and they’ve just been trying say three months or six months and they’re really freaking out as to why is it the things are not working out for us? So we need to understand that things haven’t changed. We probably want to define our life, we probably want to plan October babies but that’s not how nature works. We have to understand the most fertile man, the most fertile women trying procreate together the chances that we’re looking at is about 20 to 25% which means everything being perfectly alright. You stand and odds are about one in four or one and five of conceiving that very month. So we need to understand it can take you as well as about six months to a year to help you get pregnant and that’s perfectly normal.

Know your fertile days

We need to understand that the egg development happens. It starts from second day of our menstrual cycle and around 13th 14th day of the period. For anybody with a regular cycle of about 28 to 30 days is when the egg would ovulate and that’s the important time what we call the fertile window. Anything between day 10 to day 18 for a regular cycling women is the important time to try. So if you as a couple are now planning to try, please make sure there’s no travel involved at that time. At least trying naturally or having intercourse once in 48 hours is the dictum where it says that the sperm stay in track for 48 to 72 hours. So if we plan at that time, it should help us conceive naturally.

Check your general health condition

Before we see a doctor, we should understand some warning signals, our cycles are very irregular. If our tubes have been known to be inflamed or we’ve some kind of a guiding surgery or a pelvic surgery prior to this. If husband has had a history of mums or any surgery done in the groin area, then we should consult a doctor earlier, else six months should be a good time to go.

Age factor

Our age is a very very important determinant as to what how easily it can be for us to conceive and that’s actually one of the primary reasons why infertility first C is on the rise now. Not only the woman’s age, but the man’s age is also important, but a woman’s age is the key determinant of what is our success rate per cycle and therefore do we need medical help earlier. Our age is above 35, we should probably see a doctor sooner, anybody close to us and infertility specialist or a gynecologist who can at least define that does everything look broadly normal.

Making Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Lifestyle and environmental factors play a big role. So it’s kind of detoxing your body when you try to conceive on your own. So therefore we have to take into account the stress that we are undergoing, if we can do yoga, meditation, music, anything that we think and actually soothe our nerves, it helps us conceive naturally in a better manner.

Physical exercise, swimming, aerobics, abdominal exercises, anything that you think would help you lead a healthier lifestyle is very important. A diet which has low fat, low junk food, of course, and richer in minerals and antioxidants. So things like walnuts, almonds, flax seeds, they’re extremely good nutrients to add in your diet when you’re planning to conceive. To take heart in the fact that it does take people anything up to three, six months, or even up to a year, the term definition of infertility doesn’t come into being till you’ve actually had and try for proper 12 cycles. So let’s take hope in that and give it a shot!