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Swedish lifestyle can help fight the deadly coronavirus pandemic

People all over the world are sad in keeping themselves in-homes. Swedish Cajsa Viking, aged under 21 is unaware of the possibility of spending time alone in his bedroom. Swedes are not very communal, and they like to spend most of their time in their homes. Therefore, it is very easy to quarantine themselves. coronavirus. A professor of infectious disease Björn Olsen says “This virus is going to spread fast if they are many members in your home”. In Sweden, many people live singly which reduces the speed of spreading of this virus. According to other observers, Swedes keep a distance from each other and they also avoid talking with unknown persons in their routine life.

”Before this deadly virus, Swedes have already kept physical social difference among themselves”

Author of Swedish culture Lola Akinmade Åkerström

Joint Responsibility during coronavirus

Swedens’ seems to make a ritualistic effort against coronavirus. European countries are taking strick actions and measures. Meanwhile in Sweden, the authorities are avoiding to take strict actions and trying to control the spread of coronavirus in a peaceful and jurisdiction way while giving attention to protect the weak groups. Along with most shops, the schools of children up to 15 years of age are open.

The restaurants are also open and they are providing both types of services. You can either eat by sitting in a restaurant or you can take away. But, serving on the counters is not allowed as they are restricted in this situation. The authorities have asked people to take joint responsibility to follow instructions of the government. And play their roles in reducing coronavirus disease. It includes working from home and keeping yourself in a separate room if you are sick or you are old and skipping all unimportant travel.

“We should not spread rumors and prove that we can be called adults”. According to the survey, the number of passengers has dropped significantly. Cajsa Wiking says “Not all the people taking virus seriously. I have seen people going to clubs and doing parties with old guests. I think it is a problem but it not like other countries”.

Stefan Lofven- Prime Minister

Joint populace

When it comes to social distancing, working methods and technology obsession makes them go well during the disease. Two-thirds of Swedes have already started to do online work in homes before this virus. The economy of this nation is very strong and advance and they mostly work online. This is helpful to keep their economy stay maintained in a difficult situation as well.

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This digital innovation warms my heart and makes proud that Stockholm business is making effective and bold decisions.


Future of Swedish?

It is premature to say what will happen in the future. But, if the virus spreads quickly then there will be more challenges and difficulties for the Swedish nation and government. The technology and teamwork of Sweden during this time period can be proved as a valuable asset. But, nothing can be expected in such a situation.

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