get rid of stretch marks in a week

How do I get rid of stretch marks in a week?

Have stretch marks and fail to treat them with any cream or lotions? You really need to understand the science behind it. Do you know that stretch marks usually exist on the hips or stomach when the dermal layer of the skin gets stretched? This may happen due to puberty, increase or decrease in weight, when you are pregnant or when you are building up your muscles. It does not end here! It is sometimes the genes we belong to as it plays a major role in the development of stretch marks.

Do you see the lines or streaks across the skin mainly your hip area? If so, you already have stretch marks. The color of them varies as you grow old as the color changes.

Can stretch marks go away in a week?

Stretch marks on the body are sturdy and do not go away that easily. It comes through natural biological processes and dealing with it may take a bit longer than a week period.

What is the fastest way to get rid of stretch marks?

When it comes to getting rid of stretch marks, there is no confirmed formula. One of the tips is to avoid them. One of the effective strategies to avoid them is keeping your body hydrated. Drinking up to 10 glasses of water is a secret to restoring skin elasticity, i.e. maintaining the soft and supple skin. Additionally, diet plays a key role too. Having added vitamin c to your diet plan can also help prevent stretch marks. Don’t forget to keep your skin moisturized.

If you already have those, a simple way to deal with them is to use coconut oil or bio-oil. Having it applied to the stretch marks regularly for a month or more can help lighten them.

Have you ever heard about castor oil? I am sure you have. It serves as an effective remedy to help get rid of stretch marks permanently if applied regularly. The best way to use it to directly massage it and place a thin cloth over it along with a heating pad. If consistency is maintained, you may get rid of stretch marks in a week.

How fast do stretch marks go away?

Stretch marks normally fade away especially when the cause is pregnancy. If anyone claims to offer you a treatment to completely get rid of stretch marks in a week, this would only be a fraud to sell you their product. These are permanent marks and can only get lesser noticeable when trying to treat them.

Today moms are getting smarter and hold the ability to help their girls get rid of stretch marks that are caused due to puberty. Helping them avoid it by having the area moisturized and body hydrated can help not to have them at the age of 14.

Can Vaseline remove stretch marks?

Since Vaseline is known to contain petroleum jelly, it helps with promoting some new tissue growth. Having it applied regularly and massaging it helps with breaking the collagen that helps get stretch marks on the body.

Although it is not evidenced to remove stretch marks completely, a trial can be taken as it contains no side effects at all.

Can lemon remove stretch marks?

Lemon holds the power to remove dead skin cells and therefore stretch marks. The bleaching effect of lemon helps lighten up the stretch marks. For a quick and effective result, i.e. to make it less noticeable, preparing a mixture of lemon juice in baking soda can help!

Hope this helps!