control bad breath

Home remedies to control bad breath                              

Have you been feeling awkward about bad breath for a long time and are tired of this unpleasant experience? Halitosis is a medical term for this condition that is due to microbes in the mouth that separate food in the middle of teeth, tongue, and gums.     

Poor oral hygiene helps with controlling the digestive system and this is the root cause of bad breath. Some of the other reasons may include; morning breath, eating stinky foods like onion, garlic, and curd, intake of certain medications for cold, sinus, etc, smoking, cavities, etc.

Bad breath can be caused by several factors affecting the body and especially bacterial ones. Opt for these 7 home remedies to control the bad breath;

  • Healthy gut

Keeping gut health is essential. Numerous aspects affect bacteria in the digestive tract and one of them is what we eat. Several fruits, vegetables, and high-fiber food items can assist in improving gut health to grab a significant amount of nutrition and healthy microbiomes. If you choose to eat probiotics, it helps in developing beneficial bacteria in your gut. Note that you should not eat fried items, red meat, saturated fats, or any other preserved food.

  • Inflammation-free system

All of us know that healthy and nutritious food followed by exercise is a secret to healthy living. When you try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it helps in reciprocating inflammation from the system. So if you’ve not yet focused on it, an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle can help manage it. Choose to eat veggies and fruits and avoid refined sugar as it will help maintain a healthy system.

  • Get a new toothbrush every month 

Since a toothbrush is the main object for dental hygiene, it is mandatory to change it every month. It is also an object that holds on to the subsequent amount of bacteria, so overusing it may result in bad breath. Wash away your toothbrush once you are done and keep it in a bacteria-free area.

  • Morning energy drink

An energy drink every morning is key to maintaining freshness in the mouth. You can choose to have a mix of juice, prepared with carrot, beetroot, and pomegranate. As an alternative, you can also have a mix of dry fruit.

  • Chew herbs

Herbs according to science are a powerful factor to fight against multiple bacteria. One can always have fennel seeds or chew some fresh mint leaves to control bad breath. There are also mouth fresheners available in the market!  

Do you know that the sleep routine has a lot to do with the breath you take? So a proper 8-9 hour sleep regularly can help control bad breath.