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Home remedies not to miss when a congested chest

An uncomfortable congestion in the chest makes life hell. Isn’t it? And if this is regular, it may transform into an infection. You may know that congested chest is an accumulation of phlegm or mucus in lungs and bronchi. If not dealt with it in any way, it tends to become dangerous. Since medication is not my thing until the disease cannot be treated using home remedies, I do not prefer it too.

Remedies to get relief for congested chest

These natural home remedies may help you get rid of congested chest.


The antibacterial properties of honey makes it an amazing ingredient especially when the chest feels congested. Upon carrying out continuous researches, the ingredient has been praised by 90% parent who treated their children with nothing but honey.

==>>When it comes to the intake of honey, this can be done in two ways;

Way 1- Add a teaspoon full of honey and mix in a full glass lukewarm water.

Way 2- Consuming honey as it is.

Honey is not an ingredient for infants, i.e. below one year.

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Essential oil

Surprised? The power of essential oils may help get rid of mucus in the chest. Having it consumed not only eases breathing process, it also loose mucus. Thereby offering relief.

How to use?

**Please note that essential oils are not for internal use.

Way 1- It can be inhaled in three different ways;

  • Directly from the bottle
  • Few drop in hot water and steam
  • In a diffuser

Way 2- Add it into homemade vapor rub. To prepare, take a quarter cup of coconut oil and mix over 12 drops of essential oil. Once prepared, apply the mixture of the chest.

Is it the first time that you are using essential oil? It is better to have a patch test. If everything goes fine, ensure that the essential oil you’ve added is beneficial for your skin and health.


Whenever visiting the doctor, I have been asked to take steam. Now I found why it was a recommendation every time. When the moist air goes inside the nose, it helps loosen the mucus. Thereby, reducing the coughing and congestion. The maximum effect can be achieved when you are all covered while taking steam. Having the doors and windows closed also works.

How do I take steam?

I don’t make use of any humidifier. Instead, a bowl of hot water works wonder. I keep the bowl aside and lean over it. For the effective and to let the home remedy work, I also drape a towel over my head and start the breathing process. Besides, I am also fond of taking hot water baths.

To prevent dehydration, having a glass of water right after steam is great.

Regular diet plan

When having congested chest, it is also essential to take notice of the diet plan. One should avoid ingredients that establish mucus in the lungs. And intake food and herbs that helps get rid of it.

** Do you know; guava and pomegranate are two fruits that helps get rid of phlegm.

Salt water

Just like the mixture of salt and water heals tooth injury, gargling with it may also help get rid of phlegm or mucus. This is no side effect and can be consumed twice or thrice a day.

How do I prepare?

In a cup of warm water, I just add a pinch of salt and prepare the mixture. Gargle and relax my throat.

Different warm fluids

Having congested chest relaxes when something hot goes in. Hot beverages are a great way for having relief. When the body is hydrated, the mucus thins. Even if you have nothing to drink. Warm water works wonder.

Sleep in an inclined position

The congested chest may make you uncomfortable while you sleep. To avoid disruption, it is better to keep the pillow in an inclined position and take a comfortable nap.

Is it the right time to consult the doctor?

When the chest congestion goes serious, it is high-time to visit and consult the doctor. Below is the list of symptoms you should not ignore;

  • Shortness of breath
  • Wheezing in the body
  • Color of the mucus turns black
  • Home remedies are not working for you
  • Improper sleep every night
  • Bloody coughs
  • Fever over 100° F

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Note that the chest congestion can be relieved when the cough becomes productive. Choose to go with home remedies prior to medication and enjoy clear chest throughout winters. What is your formula to get rid? Is it any other home remedy? Feel free to share with in the comment section as below!