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Home Remedies for Toe Nail Fungus

The infection which is caused by fungus at your toe nail is called onychomycosis. This infection is commonly known as toe nail fungus. This infection causes whiteness and discoloration of toe nails. Sometimes the color of toe nail also turns brown or yellow due to this infection. Nails of toe also get cracked by this infection. This commonly occurs during the spring or sandal season.

Home Remedies For Toe Nail Fungus

Many tablets or oral prescriptions are available in the market for the treatment of this infection. For example, terbinafine and fluconazole, but these medicines not only disturb the functioning of stomach. Instead also causes jaundice and many other skin problems. There are many home treatments for this infection and they don’t have any side effects. Following are some home remedies for toe nail fungus infection.

Extract of Snakeroot

Snakeroot is a flowering plant that belongs to the family of sunflower plants. The extract of this plant is used for the treatment of toe nail fungus infection as its extract is antifungal. This extract is applied to the infection which helps recovery within two weeks.

Oil extracted from Tea tree

This plant also belongs to the family of flowering plants and its oil is treated as an essential oil. The tea tree oil is both antifungal and antiseptic. Many studies prove that oil of this plant is very effective against toe nail fungal infection.

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Vicks VapoRub

This Vicks is very helpful and effective against toe nail fungal infection. One can easily recover from this fungal infection if you daily use it once a day. This is due to the fact that it contains camphor and oil of eucalyptus. These ingredients behave as an antifungal and treat the infection.

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Oil of Oregano

Oregano plant belongs to the family of flowering plant. Oil of this plant is very effective for the treatment of nail infection. This is due to the face that it contains thymol which is antifungal. Don’t use oil of oregano with the oil of tea tree since there is a high risk that the two may combine together and cause allergic reactions.

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Extract of olive leaf

Extract of olive leaf is antifungal and has the ability to boost the immune system. The extract of olive leaf is a very effective treatment against the toe nail fungus infection. Use extract of olive leaf with plenty of water.

Ozonized oils

When the oils of sunflower and olive leaf are mixed with the ozone gas than these oils become ozonized oils. When you use these oils on the fungal infection then this oil inactivates fungi and yeast.

Vinegar and Listerine

Vinegar is a very safe and easy home remedy for the toe nail infection. Take some amount of vinegar in any tub and put your affected foot into it for 20 minutes daily. Listerine is also very effective against this infection as it contains all that ingredients that make fungus inactive such as thymol.


Home treatments for this infection are very helpful and effective because these home remedies don’t have any type of side effects. The medical treatment causes many side effects. Shortly, these home remedies will help you to recover from your fungal infection easily and quickly.

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