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liquid diet meal plan

A liquid diet meal plan is a type of diet plan that contains all types of fluids and liquids. At room temperature, some foods change their shape and covert into liquid. Hence, becomes a part of a liquid diet. It includes all types of beverages, milkshakes, custards, cream coffees, green tea, and jellies.

Need of Liquid Diet Meal Plan

The diet which consists of liquid is very useful after surgery or any medical procedure. Surgery patients have to take a liquid-based diet so they can avoid all medical complications. A full liquid meal plan is required after any stomach and intestine surgery. Old age people also need this diet because they don’t have teeth to churn the food. People also take a liquid diet if they have any problem with chewing. For dysphagia patients, it is prescribed by doctors because these patients have a swallowing problem. Such a plan is a complete combination of vitamins, proteins, fibers, fats, oils, and minerals.

Liquid Diet Meal Plan

The plan of eating by which a person completes its calories through fluids and liquid-based food is recognized as a liquid diet meal plan. The complete liquid diet meal plan consists of the following food items.

  • juices whether it is the nectar of any fruit or pulp.
  • water, glucose water, lemon water, and calcium-containing water.
  • puddings, cream of milk, butter, and oil.
  • syrup of sugar and syrup of honey.
  • soups of meat and popsicles.
  • supplements of liquid and gelatin.
  • simple tea, green tea, and cream tea.
  • Cream of wheat, cream of rice, and cream of grits also include in the liquid meal plan.
  • Sometimes it includes well-blended meat.

Avoid taking cooked vegetables, any fresh and frozen fruits, any type of ice cream, and chocolate cookies. These food items are very dangerous after surgery. You can get a large amount of energy, protein, and oil by following the liquid diet plan. But some vitamins that are required for healthy growth are not present in the meal plan so you have to take some supplements for vitamins.

Addition of calories

The amount of calories in your liquid diet meal plan can be increased by taking following foods.

  • some amount of dry milk in drinks.
  • a small quantity of powder of protein in your shake to make it healthy.
  • some amount of “instant breakfast powder’’ to your custard.
  • Add a syrup of sugar to your beverages.

These food items can easily increase the number of calories in the daily diet. These food items not only increase the level of calories, but also boost up metabolism.


A liquid diet meal plan is full of benefits because it protects you after illness and any disease. It also leaves no undigested food in stomach. If you have any mouth problem than this meal plan helps you to heal your problem. All the liquid meal is very diet-friendly and it also keeps everyone nourished, satisfied, healthy, and happy. Shortly, the meal plan is a perfect combination of everything which a human body needs.

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