Nail care and nail shapes

Guide to Nail Care and Nail Shapes

Nail care and nail shapes are key to the overall appearance and are considered as equal to the skin care routine. There are various types of nail shapes, and it’s an advantage of having an idea about the best nail shape that suits your personality and enhances the attractiveness of your fingers. Nowadays, designs and trends of nails are influenced by famous celebrity styles. But with all of the ongoing trend, it is also essential to keep in mind the nail care.

Here in this article, we will discuss different nail shapes, and it will help you to choose the ideal one for you.

Different types of Nail Shapes for women

Almond Shape:

Almond shape nails have a longer and softer tip which looks like a rounded shape. This shape reduces the chubby look and makes the look of your hands more delicate. To get this shape, simply leave the nails long, and then file the sides only to get an almond shape. But it’s difficult to maintain that shape that’s why almond manicures are strengthened with acrylic or gel.

Oval Shape:

Oval nails are different from the round ones. The nail care and nail shapes are usually recommended to people having wide, and narrow nail beds. It gives an elegant look to your nails just like the almond shape.

Square Shape:

Although the trend of square shape nails is outdated, it is still in demand. Short length square shape nails look more stylish. One should remember that this shape will not only enhance the beauty of thin and long fingers but also makes thick fingers bigger. It looks good on long and medium nails while its edges need come extra care as they can easily break. That’s why it is usually recommended to those having strong nails.

Mountain Peak Shape:

Having mountain peak nails is a good and bold choice that gives an extraordinary look to your personality. The shape is sharper as compared to the almond nail shape.

Rounded Shape:

A round shape is the correct choice for women having short fingers. It lengthens the short fingers and makes the nail bed visually wider. Usually, those girls who choose this shape don’t want any nail interference with washing-up or working. The round and smooth edges of this shape cannot be chipped easily and makes your nail stronger.

Short Nails:

The short nails are comfortable, as well as fashionable. Having this kind of shape makes it very convenient to use your computer or smartphones.

Edge Nails:

Nowadays, edge nails are one of the trending nail shapes. These types of nails are pointed but less destructive. An edge like shape makes your fingers longer and thinner.

Nail Care Tips:

It’s not only the nail shape and nail design that makes your personality graceful. But, taking care of your nails also play a vital role. The reason being that fact that nail care can frame your manicure. Once you have decided the nail shape that will suit your personality, you must have the skills to file nails in the proper way. This is because the shape of your nails will make your manicure elegant and beautiful. Below are few tips;

Choose Correct Nail Filer:

Before shaping the nails, you must have the right tools. Nail files made from emery boards are the best choice. Do not use metal nail files because they can cause chipping and peeling. These emery board nail filers not only protect your nails from getting weak, they are cheap too.

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Clip your Nails:

Only longer nails can cause breakage and clipping. It’s very uncomfortable when your nails get caught on something or when your nails snag. Use sharp and clean pairs of clippers while trimming your nails.

Filing in one direction:

File your nails in only one direction. Many people file their nails from both sides i.e. back and forth position, it is not a good thing because it causes the nails to break and chip. Do not file deeply your nail edges as it can weaken the nail walls.

Additional Nail Care Tips:

  • Nail polish gives protection to your nails while filing. If old nail polish left on your nails, file first before removing it.
  • Only file your nails when they are dry to avoid getting breaks and chips.
  • Buff your nails after filing so, they become shiny and smooth. Thereby, ensuring both nail care and nail shapes.
  • Only choose the shape that suits your fingers and hand because, when it comes to nail care, you should always focus on health over length.
  • Try to wash your hand with good quality water because, poor water can make your nails fragile and weak.
  • Avoid finger nail-biting.

In conclusion, nail care can be defined as the proper maintenance of your nails. It is important because it helps to prevent nail problems, such as fungal infections. Now, it’s up to you how to take care of your nails.