PSX Will Suspend Trading GTECH

GTECH Shareholders Will Receive 0.3 Shares of GCIL

GTECH shareholders will receive 0.3 shares of GCIL

Based on the proposed merger between GTECH and GCIL, the SWAP ratio is 0.30 shares of GCIL for each share of GTECH, as described by GTECH.

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The right to issue GCIL shares to GTECH shareholders is November 2, 2022 and GTECH will cease trading after that date.

For example, a shareholder holding 1,000 shares of GTECH on the exercise date will receive 300 shares of GCIL.

The initial listing price of GCIL shares is Rs 37.55 per share.

In addition, GTECH’s Class B Shares will be issued in Ghani Chemical Industries Limited (GCIL) as GCIL’s Class B Shares under the same terms as provided for in Article 18.B of GTECH’s Articles of Association.

GCIL Class B shares are traded separately under a different symbol and the initial listing price is Rs 10.00 (Issue Price).

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Class A shares have more voting rights than class B shares. The difference in the percentage of voting rights depends on how the company chooses to structure its shares.

GTECH shareholders will receive 0.3 shares of GCIL