global parents day celebration

Global Parents Day Celebration

Global Parents Day Celebration

The United States and the rest of the world are celebrating Parent’s day on 24 July 2022. In 1994, Bill Clinton passed a resolution into law for supporting the important role of parents. According to that bill, this day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July.

The day is very special for the children to express love for their parents. As we all know that parental love is unconditional and whatever mistakes children do parents are always there to support their children.

This is a day when children express true love for the sacrifices that their parents have done in growing them.

Every day is for parents but July 24, is celebrated worldwide.

Events on Parent’s Day

Siblings can give warm hugs and a warm welcome to their parents.

Children can prepare the favorite dishes of their parents.

Greeting cards or greeting messages on social media can be sent.

A bouquet of flowers is also a beautiful gift.

If your parents are old, you can spend the whole day with your parents. Try to hear their past stories seriously and learn from them their experience as well.

A small gathering can also be arranged to make sure that how important your parents are.

In Schools, the head of the school can deliver a speech in assembly about the importance of parent’s day.

There can be a speech competition among students on the topic of parent’s day.

Quotes for Global Parents Day Celebration

There is no friendship and no love like that of the parent for the child.

My dear Mom and Dad, you have always been my strength and inspiration. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be your kid.

I am so lucky to have you both in my life.

Parents always act as superheroes who know the solution to all issues.

Thanks, Mom and Dad for tolerating my mistakes and still loving me so much.