month of No drinking

Get your health improved in the month of No drinking

In the honor of sober October, a majority people across the globe will be giving up alcohol for complete 31 days. This idea initiated in United Kingdom with an aim to raise more money for the cancer patients. So even if you in UK have not been a part, this has been defined as a great way to reset the human body, helping to reevaluate relationship with alcohol.  

What happens when you abstain from alcohol in the month of No drinking?

When planning to give up on alcohol, there are numerous benefits. Some of them includes improved sleeping pattern, improved memory, limiting cancer risk and better gut health. The other may also experience weight loss and improved cardiovascular activity. Also read; are these gut healthy foods worth trying?

According to Dr. Lawrence Weinstein, The Chief medical Officer for American Addiction Centers, one that gives up on alcohol in the month of No smoking gets an improved immune system, improved memory, lack of impulsivity, smooth and clear skin, behavioral changes, etc. It is even among the effective weight loss strategies.

“Giving up on alcohol also have some neurological benefits!”

Changing the relationship

The month of October now has the honor of offering the exclusive opportunities to analyze the relationship with alcohol and marijuana for 31 days. Thereby helping to bring some dramatic effect on daily lives.’

If you are addicted, you can consider the month as break to the addictive cycle. This forces one to sit with their worst of emotions, despite masking them with different addictive substances.

As per Loeb Blassingame, majority of the people decides that giving up on alcohol is working for them and decides to continue with further benefits for their body. Now the important part here is that there are enough breaks in the cycle that helps create new neural pathways for the brain.   

Giving up on 31 days is enough for the people to reexamine their relationship with alcohol, attempting to have better and improved boundaries around. It has also be found that those who are facing difficulty giving up are in major trouble.

Every individual can assess the role of alcohol consumption playing in their lives. They know when they need alcohol, i.e. after they are off to work, increases the consumption during the weekdays, etc. So be mindful on the patterns and deal with the problematic relationship.

What makes younger generation drink less?

Despite the month of no drinking, youngsters appear to drink less alcohol. The new generation in their college-age opts ensure maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

As per Loeb, today younger generation is not bought up in the idea that they must consume alcohol as a symbol for cool. Such a culture in now in it’s declining phase.

As per the latest research between 2002 to 2018, adults aged 18-22 in US do not consume alcohol and the ratio is now 28% up. Though there is no reason explored by the studies yet, Americans especially the young ones are decreasing the alcohol intake and experts have few theories.

Leob further added that he believes that younger generations are isolated and inundated by content. As a result, younger people are more comfortable with smoking or ingesting cannabis and it’s popularity is increasing.