get back your normal blood pressure with this simple trick in a minute.

Get back your normal blood pressure with this simple trick in a minute

The growing troublesome situation in families and across the world is making a lot of people suffer from high blood pressure. In the high inflation times today, it is getting harder for people to have control on their blood pressure. Even if it gets high, everyone intends to get back to their normal blood pressure, especially when they do not have their medicine available with them.

Knowing that there are times when someone is out and do not have medicine but something in their brain are leading them to high blood pressure. In such as case, try to get back your normal blood pressure with this simple trick in a minute.

Do you have a pen? Yes! Ok good.

Is your blood pressure high?

Finding out if you have a high blood pressure is not that easy. This medical condition has been defined as silent killer as it may kill a person without letting one know about it. Therefore, it is vital to find out if you have high blood pressure.

Identifying the symptoms of high blood pressure

  • Headache

There are sudden spikes in the blood that causes headache. And when it gets severe, i.e. turns into hypertensive crises, it also lead to nose bleeding. This is one of the popular symptoms of high blood pressure. But the interesting part is that people with chronic hypertension do not have the ability to feel this.

  • Redness in eyes and vision problem

According to the experts, high blood pressure also leaves a significant impact on the retina. When blood pressure is high, retina starts bleeding as a result one may notice a spot, making one suffer from vision loss.

  • Palpitation in ear and chest

Do you feel any palpitation in your ears and chest after exercise session? This is completely normal if it happens once or twice. But if this happens again and again and every time, it is better to check with your doctor.

Consequences of high blood pressure

If you are having high blood pressure symptoms again and again, this may be damaging for your health. When left untreated, this may become a serious issue and can lead to stroke, dementia, and heart failure. Even though the symptoms do not always stay the same, it is quite easy to measure.

If you are a blood pressure patient, be habitual of checking it regularly.


What is the trick?

There is this simple trick that helps one get back their normal blood pressure in a minute. For this, you need to know the pressure point and it is the tip of the middle finger of both the hands. All you need to do is to press the tip with the pen and hold it for a minute. Leave it and relax.

Such a trick works instantly while seeking for medication ay take time.

** If you are a suffering from chronic hypertension, this is not a solution for you.

Have any effective strategies that can help you get back your normal blood pressure? Feel free to share with us in the comment section as below!