Gas Supplies to Finland seized

Gas Supplies to Finland seized from Russia over payments issue

Gas Supplies to Finland seized!

Due to the payment dispute, Russian state-owned Gazprom discontinued its gas exports to Finland.

The agenda that Gazprom has demanded is that all of the European countries must pay in rubles for the gas supplies.  On the other hand, Finland rejected this demand.

Gas grid Finland mentioned in the statement that all of the gas imports have been seized via Imatra entry points. (Finland imports gas from Russia through Imatra entry points).

Gasum, Finland’s state-owned gas wholesaler told about the warning from Gazprom to cut the gas supplies from GMT.

Gasum’s CEO, Mika Wiljanen confirmed the cut-off in gas supplies from Russia under its contract with Gazprom.

Finland itself has not disconnected the gas supplies to its customers yet. Gasum has made a plan to supply gas to its customers from Balticonnector pipeline from today.

Balticonnector is a link supplying gas from Finland to Estonia.

On Friday, Gazprom cleared that the discontinuation of gas supplies is because of Gasum’s rejection to settle in rubles.

It is a fact that most of Finland’s gas is imported from Russia but it is not that fearing situation at all. Because of the gas usage, Finland is only about 5% of its total yearly energy consumption.

Gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria have also been stopped due to the same settlement of payment issues.   

It seems that Gasum was prepared for this situation and they are going to manage without it.

Gasgrid confirmed that our gas system is in balance. On Friday, Finland said that we are eyeing on the U.S based Energy in replacement of Russian gas that will be started at the end of this year.