First Monkeypox Death Confirmed In Los Angeles

First Monkeypox Death Confirmed In Los Angeles

First Monkeypox Death Confirmed In Los Angeles

As announced by the health officials on Monday, one of the residents of Los Angeles with a weaker immune system lost his life due to monkeypox. It has been believed to be the first US fatality since the monkeypox outbreaks.

LA county department of health has also announced the cause of death to the spokesperson, after receiving confirmation from an autopsy. This person was already hospitalized and was severely immunocompromised. There was no other detail about the person shared.

Since there are no other death cases highlighted by the center for disease control, the county department officials claim to be working with CDC to explore more of the cases. CDC has offered confirmation but has not yet confirmed if this was the first case due to monkeypox.

On 30th August 2022, health officials from the Texas public also reported a person’s death due to monkeypox with immunocompromised and the body is not under investigation to explore more from the monkeypox.

What is monkeypox?

Monkeypox is a transferable virus that spreads with having close contact with the other person suffering. If you’re not yet aware: here is all you need to know about the monkeypox virus.

Until now, there are only a few deaths worldwide linked to the disease.

As recommended by CDC, there is no special vaccine introduced for the monkeypox virus. Instead, the smallpox virus is being used and offered to people who had been in contact with the other person suffering. These include people who know that they have been in a sexual relationship with the person suffering in the past two weeks. Since health care workers are at high risk of exposure, they are also recommended to go for the vaccine.

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In comparison to the cases worldwide, CDC confirms that the major cases are found in the US, i.e. around 21,985. Around 4300 cases have been reported in California. Even the black and Latinos are also disproportionately infected.

There had been a recent decline in the spread of cases and higher vaccination. And this has encouraged the official of the White House to ramp up vaccination offerings at the LGBTQ Pride festival in coming weeks across the US.

First Monkeypox Death Confirmed In Los Angeles