Finland's electricity suspended by Russia

Finland’s electricity suspended by Russia

Finland’s electricity suspended by Russia

Timo Kaukonen, manager of operational planning at Fingrid, told “Right now zero, and it started midnight as planned”.

The electricity supplies to Finland has been suspended last night after Russian’s energy company Rao Nordic threatened to cut supplies due to the arrears.  

According to Rao Nordic, it would suspend the supplies to the Finland, specifying to the payments issue when Helsinki announced its application for NATO membership after Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. But this shortage was made due to the imports from Sweden. Russia supplies approximately 10 % of total Finland’s power.

Rao Nordic told Finland had not been paid for electricity since 6 May but it was not elaborated if this happened due to the European sanctions against Russia. The February 24 invasion of Moscow has balanced political and public opinion in Finland and Sweden in favor of NATO membership as an obstacle against Russian antagonism. The two countries have long cooperated with the Western Military Alliance and should be able to join him quickly. Jens Stolenberg, NATO head, told on various occasions that they would be welcomed with open arms.