Finland is increasing its military budget as feeling the fear of Russian Retaliation

Finland is focusing to increase its Military Budget

During the Ukraine war, Finland’s will to join NATO has come in a situation when security is at high risk all over Europe.  

Due to the fear of revenge from Russia, Finland is emphasizing increasing its military budget.

Finland’s defense minister told on Friday that our government is planning to allocate approximately 669.4 million Euros equals 706.7 million US dollars in the second budget of 2022. Out of 669.4 million Euros, 176 million Euros will be allocated for the operating expenses while 490 million Euros will be used very fast for the purchasing of defense equipment.  

It was also announced by Finland’s government that it wishes to use around 1.7 billion Euros for the acquisition of military materials on a long-term basis between the years 2022-2027. Those military equipment include anti-aircraft weapons, artillery ammunition, fighter equipment, field maintenance material, and missiles for its defense.

It was also said by Finland’s government that under 3.2 million Euros would be increased for the supervision of the voluntary military.

Antti Kaikkonen Finnish defense minister said, our security environments are completely changed due to the war in Europe.

Finland and Sweden both ended their military neutrality and joined NATA since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24.

Finland and Sweden both of the countries are both continuously receiving warnings from Moscow for the retaliatory steps. This warning also includes the use of nuclear weapons as well.