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09 Essential Herbs for Arthritis

Our bodies are prone to diseases as we grow and this is when one thinks about treatments. Arthritis is common and this is what has made us come forward with some effective and essential herbs for arthritis so that it can be treated in the absence of any side effect.

What is Arthritis?

The medical term Arthritis refers to the inflammation within the joints. It does not describe a particular joint, instead, it is a term that describes over 200 conditions. These include joints, tissues, and connective tissues in the joints surrounding.

In simple words, Arthritis is a joint inflammation disease that makes one suffer the pain in the joints. This is something that becomes the major cause of frustration among the majority as it restricts from regular activities.

Types of Arthritis

  • Rheumatoid
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Gout

This article discusses the Rheumatic condition of Arthritis and how to deal with it using herbs. As per the common cases coming forward, this condition includes pain, swelling, aching, and similar in the surrounding of the joint. Hence, all of the symptoms being developed slowly and gradually.

** Rheumatic condition of arthritis may also include affecting the immune symptom as well as other internal organs of the body.

Although arthritis is common among adults, it is also affecting every age group. Over 54.4 million adults in the US have been diagnosed with the disease.

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Common treatments for Arthritis

When looking forward to deal with Arthritis, there are two common treatments that people according to their nature go for. Where one is medical treatment, there other is of course herbal. No matter which treatment one goes for, below are some of the points that every type of treatment may involve.

  • Medicines
  • Education of the patient
  • joint replacement
  • therapies
  • weight loss

Natural herbs for Arthritis have been referred to as the best treatment. Below are 9 essential herbs to deal with it.

Why Herbs for Arthritis?

The anti-inflammatory and healing properties within the herbs for Arthritis is something that supports joints and reduces the pain. It is better to visit the doctor before using herbs.

Below are some of the useful and essential herbs for arthritis that serve as the best treatment.

01. Eucalyptus leaves

essential herb for arthritis

On the western side of the world, Eucalyptus leaves are referred to as a sound remedy for the joints pain. The population suffering generally use the leaves of eucalyptus as they contain tannins which heals the soreness of joint and cures arthritis naturally.

02. Boswellia gum

essential herb for arthritis

Boswellia gum is also one of the renowned remedies to get relief from arthritis pain. The anti-inflammatory properties of this gum easily overcome and heal arthritis pain. It is very effective. It is also available in either cream or tablet form.

03. Ginger

essential herb for arthritis

Ginger is a famous kitchen/cooking ingredient that is enriched with magical properties that enhance healing capacities. Arthritis can also be cured with the use of ginger paste. This is due to the fact that it increases the circulation of blood in the body which boosts up the process of healing.

04. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera for Arthritis is also a perfect cure due to the enrichment of numerous components, all of those help in healing the aching of joints. Thereby, reducing the joint pain without any medical complications.

Learn more about benefits of aloe vera.

05. Green Tea

essential herb for arthritis

Green tea is among the healthy beverages which are also used for the treatment of many diseases such as the rheumatic condition of arthritis. It is used to reduce inflammation in the joints. It is a potentially very active beverage that also supports the immune system of the body.

06. Turmeric

Turmeric is a common kitchen ingredient. We can obtain it easily from the family of flowering plants. Making the powder of turmeric serves as a magical solution with its rapid and quick effects. There are is a vast use of turmeric for healing capacities. Thereby, helping out in managing joint pain.

07. Willow Bark

essential herb for arthritis

It is a powder and an ultimate solution for the treatment of inflammation in the knees, shoulder, hips, and neck joints. Willow bark powder is taken through the mouth in either tea or in tablet form, having its anti-inflammatory properties.

08. Cat’s Claws

essential herb for arthritis

This tropical herb has the capacity to boosts up the immune system of the human body due to which the swelling and aching of joints reduce. It also prevents further damage and aching of body joints.

09. Thunder God Wine

essential herb for arthritis

Chinese make use of thunder god vine in their medical treatments because this herb has magical healing properties. In order to activate the immune system, they directly apply the paste to the skin.


This chronic disease (arthritis) that weakens the joints and causes inflammation can be cured by many herbs and home remedies. There is no side effect of all the essential herbs for arthritis that we use as a remedy. Thereby, strengthening the joints.

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