easy ways to lose weight
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Easy Ways to lose weight

Obesity is one of the major causes of many diseases, like heart problems, increased cholesterol levels, and blood pressure. People are more aware of obesity issues now than before – that is why there are thousands of people trying to find easy ways to lose weight and follow them. Unfortunately, 60% of weight loss tips and tricks do not work.

There are many reasons for it. For instance, Obesity can be due to some medical problems, and no matter what you do, the weights increase. Secondly, sometimes people are following everything they are taught but forget that everybody needs different treatment. Thirdly, many think that they can lose the year’s old fat in a month or two, which is impossible.  

There are many reasons. But one thing is for sure whenever you are trying to lose weight, it is better to understand your body. If possible, consult your doctor to follow the diets and exercises scientifically approved and be patient.

What are the easy ways to lose weight?

Keto and intermittent fasting for weight loss are considered among a few approved methods. It is a popular approach that losing weight fast on Keto is possible, and if you are looking for a faster way to lose fat – combine fasting to lose fat and keto together. Many studies suggest that combining both is one of the faster ways to fat loss. Here in this article, I’ll guide you on intermittent fasting and Keto, and combining both make losing weight faster possible.

Ketogenic Diet:

Ketogenic or Keto Diet is high fat and a very low carb way of eating. In simple words, people who chose carb diet switch carbs to fats and the body may rely on fats instead of glucose for its many energy sources. It works in your metabolic system known as ketosis, in which your body breaks down fats from ketones, which serve as an alternative energy source for the human body. Keto doe not only helps to shed weight; it is also beneficial for overall human health – like Alzheimer’s, heart diseases, etc.

Intermittent Fasting:

Intermittent fasting is cycle fasting methods that revolve between calorie restrictions or complete fasting, and the person may eat normal food during some specific period.

There are three different approaches/ techniques or routines when it comes to intermittent fasting.

Skipped meals:

This is how you start by skipping over a meal to induce extra time for fasting. You can choose to skip breakfast or lunch; many people chose lunch over breakfast.

Eating windows:

In this eating window routine, you may eat between particular eating times, for instance, between 4 to 7 hours. The rest of the time, you will be fasting.

From one day to 2 days fasting:

This is the point where you extend your fasting time and may not eat for a day or two.

In start the third routine is not recommended. It is better to start with skipping meals and gradually increase the time.

The intermittent fasting diet limits your calorie intake and helps burn the fast rapidly. It is known as one of the faster ways to lose weight. It is also a helpful way to sustain the overall health of the human body.

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Benefits of combining Keto and Fasting:

One thing which is clear up to now is that both are beneficial for health and one of the faster ways to lose weight. Here is how combining both is good for fast weight loss

Less calorie intake:                                                

When we are eating chips, baked items, and sugar-filled beverages, we consume carbs, proteins, and many calories all at once, which are dangerous. The eating windows skipped a meal, and fasting for two days will limit our calorie intake. No matter how much a person is hungry, they cannot intake food above certain limits at once. And fasting limits that calorie intake and burn calories.

Now keto is also your diet choice. It is time for your eating window, and you are only consuming keto-approved foods. The calories will burn faster, you will be energized with fats, and fewer carbs will increase the burning fat procedure.

Increase metabolism system:

Intermittent fasting increases norepinephrine levels; it is a hormone and neurotransmitter that helps boost metabolism and increase calorie burning throughout the day. On the other hand, keto will also help in the restraining fat build-up. The process will speed up, and you may lose weight fast.

Sustain Insulin level:

Both intermittent fasting and Ketogenic Diet are an excellent dieting procedure to sustain blood pressure and insulin levels. Keto followers restrain from sugar and sugary drinks. In a few modern types of research, the studies suggest that sodas and sugar drinks directly intake calories and one of the greatest diabetes causes. Restricting the intake or not consuming it for hours or days will reduce the chance of these lifelong diseases.

Studies also suggest that decreased levels can boost up the process of fat burning to weight loss.

Boost the keto process:

Intermittent fasting boosts the fat burning process of Keto. It will help your body reach ketosis quicker than the keto diet alone will do. This is because fasting maintains balance by shifting fuel source from carbs to fats and fast the process of a keto diet.

For those who are struggling to kick off the process of ketosis, adding intermittent fasting will affectively fast the process.

Improve energy level:

Intermittent fasting preserves muscle mass during the weight loss process. It improves the energy level, which helps keto dieters, especially for those who want to maintain the body and lose weight.

Also, intermittent fasting reduces hunger and promotes fullness feelings, which are a great aid to lose weight.

Let’s wrap it up:

Keto, along with intermittent fasting, is no doubt one of the faster ways to lose weight. But at the start, you may feel tired or nauseous. The symptoms go away in a few days, and you can enjoy your weight loss process happily.

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