Do’s and Don’ts After Face Wash

Do’s and Don’ts After Face Wash

Skincare and face care tips are getting way too common. You may have heard about the best ways of cleansing your face and how to apply the best foundation on your face. But have you ever thought of if all of those tips and tricks work as an effective way to maintain healthy skin? Our skin is one of the main organs and having it treated gently can bring the glow or I say the Korean glow we may have been looking for.

There are Facebook groups, Infographics on Instagram, and YouTube videos of celebrities telling out how the best face washes bring the best result. Even celebrities have started sharing their skincare routine. But what is that one thing that everyone is missing?  

We start our day by washing our faces. True! But what is next? Usually, we rub it with a towel and start following the skincare routine according to our skin types? Are you doing the same? Until and unless you have studied hard about skincare or you are a dermatologist by occupation, you’ll never be knowing where you lack in taking care of your skin.

Taking any wrong move with your skin may make you pay for it. You can think of popping up the pimple on your cheek and how worst would you feel about your scar. Now you won’t think of doing any such dramatical chore.

Let’s dive into the basics of face wash

A glass of water and a high-quality face wash together makes a great combination. When drinking water in the morning detoxifies your inner body, choosing to have mineral-rich and mild face wash helps with adding glow to your face. Being the foundation of your skincare routine, it is mandatory to keep in mind how to use it for effective results.

Do’s during face wash

  • Choose face wash according to your skin type
  • Wet your hands and splash plain water on your face
  • Gentle massage helps get rid of dirt
  • Choose lukewarm water for rinsing

Don’ts during face wash

  • Dirty hands won’t cleanse
  • Scrubbing hardly leads to a breakout  
  • Over-cleansing raises the cause of concern
  • Hot water strips essential oils from the skin

Done with the face wash? The real story begins now. Almost all of us start drying faces with the towel and sometimes it is the rubbing when one is to move quickly. Note down the dos and don’ts after face wash as they hold utmost importance.

Do and don’ts after face wash

  • Do apply moisturizer before it is completely dry
  • Don’t rub your face aggressively after wash

If you keep the above two points in mind, your skin will glow the way you want it. Treating things gently always leaves a positive impact and similar is with the skin. If you rub your face with a soft piece of cloth rather than a harsh towel, that can even be a plus for your skin. But why do you hurry to dry it? Let it dry naturally and pay you back the hard work you make twice a day.

FAQs related Facewash

Q1. What are the top 3 face washes?

Ans. The top 3 face washes include the following;

  • Pond’s Pure White
  • CetaPhil Gentle Skin Cleanser
  • Neutrogena Oil-free Acne-fighting facial cleanser with Salicylic Acid

Q2. How many times it is recommended to use face wash?

Ans. Dermatologists across the globe recommend using the face wash twice a day, i.e. when you wake up and before you go to sleep.

Q3. Should you make your kids use your face wash?

Ans. In comparison to face wash being used by adults, you should make sure to let your kids stay away from it. You can include a gentle cleanser in your kid’s routine along with a regular bath.