Proven skincare as winter skin care
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Do you know these proven skincare tips for combination skin are great to follow as winter skin care?

Where winter is among the most loved seasons worldwide, the skin may suffer due to the extreme dryness it leaves. Sleeping in the cozy bed is indeed the best part while looking at that dry skin and chapped lips is the worst. This is where I believe everybody needs a proven skincare routine. What is your winter skin care? Your skin would be a hot mess with the cold breezes. No matter the type of skin you carry, no matter dry or combination skin, advanced skin care is a must to follow when looking to have youthful and glowing skin.

“Those with dry to combination skin may suffer during the cold months”

Dermatology center

If you do not take care of your skin during the cold temperature, the risk of accumulating the uncomfortable dry skin increases.

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Is it really dry skin or something else?

proven skincare
dry skin

Scaling, itching, and cracking is due to the dry skin. In order to understand if this is due to the dry skin, it is essential for one to notify different skin conditions. Among number of skin conditions, there are two that are popularly-recognized.

  • When the rashes on the skin starts appearing, these are either red or itchy. But when scratched, it is redder and feels more inflamed. Hence, can be referred to as eczema that can be found on any part of the body.
  • The second situation is the dry, red, scaly, and raised patches on the skin that can be classified as severe IMID disease. Hence, known as Psoriasis. It mainly is linked with number of health conditions including heart diseases, diabetes, depression, etc.
  • Having the skin dehydrated is another issue as all of them ask the same. It happens mainly with people having dry skin.

“Lustre and glow within the skin is essential to reflect the good health of the skin”

Proven skincare for winters

Looking to follow a proven skincare routine to maintain a glowing and youthful skin? Here we have some of the tips and tricks that can help get rid of dry skin and redness.

Moisturizing the skin day and night

A mild moisturizer is better than the one rich in chemicals. Having the moisturizer applied onto your skin not only fights the harsh weather locking the moisturizer, it also prevents the skin from causing any severe damage. Hence, a must part of a routine for every morning and night.

*Moisturizing makeup removers even works wonder if you can find one.

Sunscreen as a protection

Sunscreen is the cloth that you make your skin wear especially when traveling from one place to another. When the snow falls on your skin followed by the sunlight throwing UV Rays, this may cause severe damage to the skin. Making a purchase for the tinted moisturizer with SPF may help you. It can also be an alternate to foundation especially when you are ready to wear your regular makeover.

Is there an alternate to water?

Proven skincare
Hydrate your body for a beautiful you

Any juice or hot chocolate drink can be a replacement for water. Being the great source of hydration, the enrichment of healthy minerals in water cannot be replaced. When the skin goes dry in the cold weather, ensure that you drink at least 8 glasses of water.

No more hot showers and bath during the cold

It is true that when the months get colder, taking warm baths for an adequate period of time is beneficial. You may lose the skin moisturizer with continuous warm water. This is why, it is essential to limit the time of bath to least 8-10 minutes.

A humidifier may work wonder

Due to the winter, the heat within the home may suck the moisture in the air. This ultimately is not a good sign at all. Having a humidifier and letting it work at night is what a large number of dermatologists recommend. This is due to the fact that our skin goes in the replenishing work mode at night.

There’s no better option than wrapping up

Having a scarf wrapped around your neck and face may help you ignore the windburn. Remember how your mom do the same as skin protection hack.

Exfoliate lips for a fresh appearance

Winters and chapped lips can never be denied. What plays an essential role is having a lip balm in hand always. Your flaky pout may not let your partner come to you. To get a clear and fresh lip look is using a toothbrush gently that can help exfoliate your lips and remove dead skin cells. Once exfoliated, nourish using lip balm to lock the moisture.

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Change your eating habits

proven skincare
kick away unhealthy food

Just like the diet plays an equal role in maintaining good health, a proper diet is also the secret behind healthy and glowing skin. For your skin, consuming food rich in vitamin C and A is beneficial. Make yourself crave for sweet potatoes, mangoes, and broccoli.

Facial oil in good quality

Oil is something you avoid in summer and this is the thing that you love it in winter. This is due to the fact that products that are oil-based do a lot good for your skin such as replenishes the top layer of the skin and ends the dullness.

Get a radiance facial oil and use it thrice a week for perfect result.

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Do not ignore your eyes even if they are pretty

As soon as the winter months start, the texture of the skin also changes. The thin line under your eye starts appearing and this makes it essential to use a quality eye cream. If you are the one looking for something natural and organic, choose to have cold green tea bags placed over your eyes every night for the period of 5 minutes.

Face mask helps regular pampering

The loss of brightening complexion is one of the fear among the audience targeted. Therefore, it is essential to brighten up your skin complexion via facial sessions every week.

Wear soft clothes

Scratchy fabric is a clear irritation for the skin. Cow hides and other similar warm stuff may dry out the skin. Obviously to cover up your cold, you need to wear warm clothes. The best option you can always have is to choose to follow proven skincare tip, i.e. to wear a cotton cloth under your clothes and then any warm cloth.

Keep a moisturizer in hand if you have a combination skin

Even if the skin is not only dry but the combination, make sure you moisturize your face and overall body after every shower. Make sure the application of moisturizer is done in the humid atmosphere, i.e. do not open the bathroom door prior to application.

Exercise for a beautiful you

Workout during the cold months is quiet challenging but for your skin, it is amazing. When you exercise, you get the skin glow back due to the proper blood circulation within the body. If you are one of those who go for jogging regularly, it is best to have your face covered.

Regular hand cream

Using an effective hand cream is a must as these fight the battle that they have regularly. Siliconed-based hand cream will not let you feel slippery. Hence, proven skincare you may always learn and apply.

What winter skin care routine have you been following? Does it offer your skin that youthful and beautiful glow? Do share with us in the comment section as below!

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