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Differences in yellow mucus and green mucus

Sometimes our chest feel congested but not sick. Having phlegm or mucus since birth, I have been spending a lot of my time in finding out ways to deal with it. But when I see the green mucus/phlegm in chest coming out from my mouth, I got to know it has colors too. So all of this started with my life and today I am at a stage where I am always finding out what is my yellow mucus saying and what is an indication coming from my greenish mucus?

I have paid greater attention to this topic and all my research is as below!

Prior to moving ahead, lets’ first understand what mucus and phlegm is? Are you having bloody mucus? If this is your case, just stop reading and visit your nearest doctor.

First of all I have always noticed this misconception that a majority have about mucus and phlegm being the same. Trust me the two differs. Where mucus is thinner, phlegm is the thicker version. My research continued with it and I found the mucus isn’t noticeable in our regular routine. But facing sickness changes its’ texture to being thick and of course changes in colors.

The surprising part is that the change in color has a lot to do with our health. The color mainly has details about what is going on with the inner organs including lungs.

What is mucus and phlegm made of?

The two are a combination of water, salt, enzymes, antibiotics, and protein. This fluid carries the dead cells, bacteria, viruses, dust, etc. from the nose, i.e. when one breathes. Cilia works to move this fluid from the nose to the throat.

Yellow and green color of the mucus is an indication of cold that is not a bacterial illness

Dr. Tully

What is green or yellow mucus and phlegm indicating?

Green mucus and yellow mucus are common colors and are a reflection that one’s body is badly fighting with an infection. In the beginning, one may notice a yellow color that may change with the severity of the sickness and the length of time.

Nothing happens without a cause. The color green and yellow is due to the following diseases;


It is a condition where one faces shortness of breath. This basically is a complication of a respiratory issue. Having pneumonia may result in coughing up three different colors of phlegm or mucus, i.e. sometimes green mucus, sometimes yellow or sometimes bloody. The change in colors depend on the type of pneumonia one is facing.


It is a disease that begins with the dry cough, building white phlegm. With the time it increases, resulting the change in phlegm color to yellow and then green. Coughing due to this may last 90 days, showing the progression in illness to bacterial.

Cystic fibrosis

It refers to a lung disease in which the mucus or phlegm is built in lungs. Having this disease results in the changes of colors of mucus, i.e. from yellow to green to others. This is mainly seen in children and adults.

Sinus infection or sinusitis

This condition is due to virus, infection, and allergies. When bacteria is the major cause, yellow and green phlegm are common to appear, further resulting pressure in sinus cavities.

Light yellow mucus or light green mucus

Either yellow or green, if the shade of the mucus is light, it means that one’s body is fighting an infection. The color generally comes from the white blood cells.

Asthma patients need extra care as there may be further symptoms

Dark yellow mucus or dark green mucus

When having a thicker and darker mucus accompanied by dry cough, fever, and sneezing, this is an indication of the infection being worse.

Other colors of the phlegm and what do they indicate

  • Red/pink- Maybe due to the dry nasal tissue and irritation.
  • Brown- Maybe due to residue from smoking, dried blood dirt particles.
  • Black- Maybe due to being a chain smoker or air pollution.
  • White- Maybe an indication towards the beginning of the infection.

**An asthma patient needs to take care and consult the doctor at the earliest, keeping in mind the symptoms.

**Healthcare matters

With phlegm and mucus, one can either blow, spit, or swallow. Each of the three methods can work and are fine.

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