hair care tips and tricks

Did you miss these hair care tips and tricks??

Who does not love shiny, smooth hair? People use many expensive shampoos, conditioners, serums, and other hair products to have healthy hair. But, using expensive things doesn’t work in all cases. Sometimes small home remedies and hair care tips and tricks can do a lot of benefits that many expensive products fail to do.

Effective hair care tips and tricks

Here are some of the easy and simple tips and tricks that you can follow to revive your hair and make them healthy and shiny once again.

hair care tips and tricks

Maintain good hygiene

We all wash our hair as needed. Some people wash it daily, some prefer washing on alternate days, and some wash it only twice a week. Our hair catches all the dirt and dust from the surroundings and forms a layer on our scalp. This layer needs to be washed so that our hair looks clean and non-greasy. Washing your hair with a good shampoo is very necessary so that your hair stays free from sebum and dandruff.

Do not brush wet hair

So, you are late for work and you start brushing your wet hair. This is a common situation that all of us go through every other day. Wet hair is the weakest and can break very easily. Do not brush your wet hair and let them air dry before you detangle them.

Trim your hair after every few months

To prevent split ends, trim your hair after every 2-3 months. This also helps in the growth of the hair. Trimming a ¼ inch is also enough to maintain healthy hair. Also, the ends of the hair become rough and dull with time and when not trimmed they can damage the upper parts as well.

Do not use hot water

Washing hair with hot water takes away all the moisture from the hair and makes them look dry, dull, and rough. The best way is to wash your hair with cold water. If it is too cold, wash your hair with slightly warm water and wash off the conditioner using cold water to retain the necessary moisture.

Brush your hair gently

Be gentle with your hair when detangling them. the best way to brush your hair is to start brushing them from the ends and then move upwards slowly. Brushing tangled hair downwards from the scalp towards the ends has a higher chance of breaking them. if the hair is very tangled, use a wide-toothed comb to detangle them first, and then use your regular brush.

Prevent your hair from heat

The heat from the hair styling tools is a big reason behind damaged hair. Limit the use of hair styling tools and protect your hair from the heat. The heat burns our hair and hence, they look rough and brittle.

Do not tie your hair too tightly

High ponies and buns are in fashion these days. Avoid using a lot of pins and bands that stretch your hair a lot. Choose soft bands that provide proper grip and are not too harsh.

Condition your hair using egg

The egg is a very good hair conditioner. You can even find the egg in many shampoos and conditioners. Whisk two eggs, add a spoon of yogurt, and some oil of your choice. Gently massage it into your hair leaving it for some time. Wash your hair as usual and you will feel that your hair has become softer and shinier than before.

For dry hair use a sulfate-free shampoo

Sulfates in shampoos help to create lather and remove dirt from the scalp. However, they also remove the natural oils from our scalp making it look dry and sometimes cause dandruff too. If you feel that your hair has become dry after using a certain shampoo, check at the back of the bottle for sulfate. If it is present, it might be the reason for dry hair. Switch to a sulfate-free shampoo for better results.

Protect your hair from pool water

Pool water has a lot of chemicals, mainly chlorine. Chlorine is very bad for your hair and also skin. Dermatologists recommend applying a little conditioner to your hair before swimming. This forms a layer on our hair and the harsh chemicals do not affect the hair directly.


Following these simple tips and remedies can help in the proper growth and nourishment of your hair. We wish that this article would have helped you and now, your hair care would be easy and more simplified.