myths of dark circles

Dark circles Myths and facts

Dark circles are a nightmare, and many myths revolve around why they occur and how you can eliminate it. There are several reasons why dark circles appear, and in the age of glamour and social media images, this tiny issue has become huge. As we all want to look perfect and beautiful and, dark circles make it a little challenging. Here are a few myths of dark circles and realities also with few tips and tricks to treat them.

Myths of dark circles:

myths of dark circles
Lack of sleep:

When you have dark circles, the first-ever reason you will think of is “you are not having a proper sleep” or lack sleep. But it is not a fact! Lack of sleep can cause dark circles, but many other reasons can cause it. Oversleeping and lacking is only of many of those reasons. Realities of dark circles are different from these myths.

Less salt lesser circles:

Diet has a direct and indirect connection with dark circles, and there are many myths around it. One of the most famous myths is that excessive salt causes these circles, and switching to less salt will help. An excessive amount of salt is not fair to intake regularly, but it is not one reason for the circles.

You can eliminate circles:

Dark circles cannot be eliminated, they will get lighter and vanish for some time, but once you got them, they might remain part of your life for a long time. It is a common myth that some creams and home remedies claim that you can eliminate them by using them, but it is not valid.

Laser solutions:

There is a myth that says laser treatment can cure the issue permanently – well it removes the circles for a long time, but there are chances of reappearance. One of the reasons behind it is that – the laser will remove what’s on your skin, but the reason they occurred has yet to be solved, and that can gradually lead to dark circle problem again. Laser treatments can slow the process only!

Dark Circles are regular:

Many people are having the issue, and it is also a popular thought that it is okay to have them. But it is not okay at all. Dark circles indicate something terrible in your health, or sometimes it depicts your improper routine. That means it is important to take notice of them.

Sun is good for circles:

If you believe in it, then think again – because sun exposure causes many skin issues related to premature ageing signs, and they are also one of the factors to generate them.

Facts about dark circles:

Reasons for dark circle formations:

Many reasons cause dark circle among them few are:

  • Lack of nutrition’s in food, excessive oil, and irregular eating habits can cause dark circles.
  • Sometimes the face is very thin that reveal blue and purple veins, and they form dark circles.
  • Genetic issues are also one of the reasons for circles.
  • Sometimes few allergies also cause dark circles.
  • Under-eye fat loss creates shadows.
Surgeries are no solution:

Surgeries are no solution for the dark circles – they can lighten them but cannot remove it altogether.

Creams and remedies:

No creams and remedies can eradicate these circles, but they can prevent and lighten the circles. There are many creams and home remedies that stop premature aging and help to keep your skin flawless. Creams and lotions can prevent dark circles, but as soon as you stop using them, you will find them forming under your eyes.

Diet and beverages:

Excessive drinking habits, lots of alcohol and caffeine intake also makes the blood vessels to appear and cause dark circles. If you already have them these circles will get darker with these addictions. Dark circles are also caused by inflammation by diet. Try to eat healthily, focus on veggies like sweet potatoes, strawberries and broccoli.

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Makeup products:

Watch what you are using for your skin – sometimes the makeup products you may be using can cause skin tissue damage and causing skin issues, including dark circles. Most importantly pay attention to your makeup remover. It looks like a small issue but scrubbing makeup off under your eyes daily means you might be causing capillary damages and make your dark circles worse. Try to use oily makeup remover to get the most benefits and least disadvantages.

Search for concealer:

It is hard to get rid of these rigid circles, but you can hide them elegantly with concealers’ help. Use an excellent creamy concealer and enjoy.

Sun Screen:

Whenever you are going out, do not forget the sunscreen. Sunscreen helps to prevent premature aging, dark circles, and also helps to lighten them.

Best creams for dark circles

Not all face creams are suitable for dark circles. You can use a special formula to lighten the circles and use creams that include Vitamin C. Vitamin C creams help to brighten the skin, collagen building and some creams come with caffeine components that help construct blood vessels and lighten the circles. Retinoic acid creams are also an effective solution for thickening the outer layer of your under-eye skin.

Home remedies:

Indeed, dark circles cannot be obliterated, but you can lighten them and let them vanish for a time by following a few home remedies like:

  • Placing cucumbers on your eyes for half an hour will help to lighten the circles.
  • Cold tea bags on eyes can help to lighten the dark circles. Tea contains caffeine and antioxidants that increase blood circulation and reduce liquid retention under your skin. To apply:

Take two green or black tea bags and put them in hot water. After five minutes, take them out and put in the refrigerator for around twenty minutes. Take them out and place these cold tea bags on your eyes for 15 minutes. After fifteen minutes remove the tea bags and wash your eyes with cold water.


Do not believe in every myth of dark circles – go for a proper check and use authentic things to get side effect free cure.