Hair ties around your wrist

DANGER- Stop wearing Hair ties around your wrist!

Around 3/4th woman having long hair are fond of wearing hair ties around their wrist when it is not in their hair. The reason behind is the ease to access it without looking for it in the hand bag. I understand this sounds ideal, but do you know it’s dangerous? Check out some of the reasons as below;

  • Higher risk of infection

A hair tie turns out to be the true bleeding ground for the bacteria. Wearing the tie makes the human body allow bacteria to entering the blood stream through the skin and capillaries. And these may be uncountable.

You may not be able to realize it unless you’ve suffered. But instead of making one guilty about it, it is better to stay ahead of infection by wearing the new hair ties around your wrist everyday in a safer manner. Of course you won’t be rushing toward the shop to get one everyday. So recycle it by washing them away with an antibacterial soap is one of the great ways.

According to the dermatologists’ across the globe, maintaining proper hand hygiene is essential for preventing infection. So better choose to wear loose so it does not irritate the skin area.

  • Creates a bump

Many women become addicted to wearing a hair tie on the same place and that may lead to creation of a bump. Researches have shown some cases where they’ve end up with death by wearing at the same place.

When you wear the hair tie regularly, it may cause a cut or abrasion after chronically rubbing the wrist. Upon getting a deeper cut, this may make the bacteria to live in. This even allows the pathogens to penetrate deeper in the skin, resulting in a painful pink bump that may grow over time.

  • Poisoning in the blood

The infection in the blood may lead to blood poisoning and this can sometimes become the reason behind death.

Even wearing a hair tie around your wrist turns out to be one of the difficult situations. It is therefore better to place one in the bag or pocket. Think again when you choose to wear it again!